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Hey there, My name is Ross and I am Business Development Manager at Qubstudio.

Every day, I receive requests for a website design from different companies. All these businesses, whether it is a matter of IT sector, Enterprise and State companies, or even a T-shirt store, face the need to create or revamp their website. And all these people that knocked have a common question – How much does it cost to design a website?

I believe design is creating a proficient but straightforward solution to solve the problems. Nowadays, in an age of digital solutions and innovations, Web Design is a part of our lives. The website mirrors your brand, and actually, they are built to sell things, promote products or services, share different kinds of information, connect people or businesses.

I’ve decided to do my take on this question in 3 price-building blocks:


What Determines Web Design Pricing in 2019?

When a vendor provides you with a design proposal for your future website, you will have many thoughts and questions. One such question often-asked by my customers, sometimes even during the first calls, is ” What determines web design pricing?” Once you start getting prices from vendors, you’re inevitably gonna ask yourself ‘What’s actually worth paying for?’, ‘Why is the website design quote so high/low?’

I must point out that there are many factors here, and they differ in each vendor. But still I can express the basic ones:


Website size plays an essential role in web design pricing. Mostly the vendor scales the cost taking into account the number of pages. More Unique pages will be, the higher price you will get.


Many make mistakes when starting to create a design without content. The design should at least go parallel with copywriting. Otherwise, it will pull each other back. And the procrastination of the process can be significant for the price of the project.


All websites require a deep level of creativity to achieve an unforgettable experience. The designer needs to have out-of-the-box thinking to create a concept that captures your brand. Your website should amplify your product or service benefits. Visual Communication should be designed appropriately that will transmit messages not only through text information but also through visual solutions.


Every second person on earth uses most of the time, a mobile device. That is why your website should be mobile-friendly. You can, of course, stay only on the Desktop version, and it will cost you less to design your site. Nevertheless, you will lose a vast audience of your potential customers. But how much is it profitable for you?


What Goes Into Website Design Cost?

The excellent website design is much more than merely an appealing look, and it is also about how it functions. You need to understand and plan that functionality. It is the first thing you should cover and then move forward with the Look & Feel.

People use solutions such as ready-made templates that can address the question of functionality of the site. But will it make your site more unique than other sites on the market in your industry? Not always! This is a creative step, creative process. A moment when engaging a design team to generate ideas can achieve the “WoW” effect.

That is why when you ask the vendor about website design cost, the provided quote consists of:

  • research (Discovery),
  • business analysis and prototyping (User Experience),
  • continue with User Interface (UI) production and further visual design: Graphic elements, icons creation, etc.

At least that’s how it works at Qubstudio. Apart from that, the pricing also depends on whether it is a simple website or a huge Marketing one. Albeit, the process we use is the same. For instance, when our team designed a website for PLVision (the provider of software engineering services), we used such an approach and got a positive result and smooth collaboration.



The Purpose: The team is looking at your business and service/product from the customers’ point of view. What do your customers need? Why are they turning to you? The team deeply immersed in your business goals and marketing strategy, evaluating it against the background of the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, it is essential to understand your current/future client, so there are lots of questions the team is going to ask. The in-depth analysis will allow creating a unique website that will work and not just a good picture.

Team Composition: UX/UI designer, Business Analyst, Project Manager

Duration: 1 week

Deliverables: Business model canvas, User Persona, Customer Journey Map, Value Proposition Canvas., High-level Information Architecture with Sitemap.

Cost range: $2k -$3k



The Purpose: The design team uses Discovery phase outcomes to suggest intuitive and effective ways to meet user needs with design solutions. At this stage, the main aim is to Finalize Information Architecture with Sitemap and create the Wireframe structure of all unique pages.

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Team Composition: UX/UI designer, Business Analyst, Project Manager

Duration:  1 week

Deliverables: Finalized High-level Information Architecture with Sitemap, Wireframes (InVision prototype)

Cost range: $0.8k – $1.5k



The Purpose: This phase focuses on creating a design concept. We call it “CREATIVITY”. The team starts with research solutions, provide a visual mood board, and establish creative direction. Based on created wireframes and Discovery phase outcomes Art Director and Designer perform creative ideation for the main screen, namely create different visual directions and offer you a couple of versions to choose.

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PLVISION WEBSITE (the provider of software engineering services)

Team Composition: Art Director, UX/UI designer, Project Manager

Duration:  1-2 weeks

Deliverables: Finalized UI Concept

Cost range: $1k -$2k



The Purpose: The team takes all the results of the previous phases, and based on the finalized concept, creates UI of all unique pages. It is one of the most extended steps in creating a site design.

Typically, this step involves engaging a Graphic Designer / Illustrator to work out the desired graphic elements, illustrations and animations, etc. It all depends on the idea behind the concept that was selected and finalized in the previous phase.

Creating custom illustrations or animations has a significant impact on the duration and budget of the Visual Design phase. Different ideas, directions, and concepts require diverse efforts to implement them.

Знімок екрана о 25


Team Composition: Art Director, UX/UI designer, Project Manager, Graphic Designer / Illustrator (if needed)

Duration:  3-5 week (it depends on the website size)

Deliverables: UI Design of all pages(InVision prototype)

Cost range: $3k -$5k



Details: RWD (responsive web design) is standard practice nowadays. That is why the Qubstudio team creates the RWD that is viewable on a portable device (mobile and tablet).

For the new design to look consistent in all languages, and sometimes it can be three or more (for example English, German, and Hebrew), the design team works on language adaptation.

Знімок екрана о 26

Ormary - a fashion marketplace

Team Composition: UX/UI designer, Project Manager

Duration:  1-2 weeks

Deliverables:  Responsive UI design (Mobile / Tablet) + Language adaptation (InVision prototype)

Cost range: $1k -$2k



Details: At this stage, the designer must have the opportunity to work closely with the development team.

In this case, the designer can:

  • make sure everything implements correctly
  • does the design audit and support
  • advise the developers regarding design things, so that everything is as consistent as possible.

The site is like an entity. It should be your business tool. It continually needs to be improved and adapted to the needs of marketing and business. In that case, it will work for the company and bring value.

Team Composition: UX/UI designer, Project Manager

Duration:  This can be the ongoing subscription 40- to 60 hours per month


People often ask me if it is possible to reduce this process so that the cost of designing a website is lower. My answer would typically be – “it is undesirable”. Each stage is important and if we miss something, it can affect the outcome.

However, to simplify the first stages we suggest our clients fill out the Detailed Website Brief. It will help get the results of the first and second phases with less time effort. Respectively, less time and effort – a lower price.

By the way, I decided it’s worth sharing here. Even if you don’t start designing a website with us, this brief will help you get all the necessary input to start. Here’s the link to Qubstudio website design brief:

Download the design brief template

The process is clear, the brief is complete and collected all the necessary information. You probably have in mind only two questions come up: “who will create a website design?” and “how much does it cost?”


Design Independently, with freelance or agency

Coming up with excellent website design can be difficult. It’s great if you have your in-house design team. But few can afford it, mostly these are enterprises with multiple products and 50+ employees.

In case you don’t have an in-house design team, you can start looking for design options and how much it costs. Website design pricing, generally, can range from $2000 to over $50,000. This range is typically broken down  into a few pricing options:


Designing a template-based website on your own is absolutely the cheapest way forward, you can use ready-made templates that are on the market, sites like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Tilda, build and manage your website for using minimal resources.

The cost of ready-made templates starting from free. But, not everything is really as it seems. In practice, the user often spends extra buying different add-ons, new components, icons, etc. It is likely that someone also uses the same elements. Therefore, we cannot speak about the uniqueness or optimization of web design here. The range of web design cost starts from free to $2000


Otherwise, you can turn to a freelancer who draws a great picture based on his ideas, thoughts, and vision.

In this case, you should know precisely what you want, and all your design decisions should be up to you and not up to your freelancer. Otherwise, your expectations will differ from real results.

When it comes to pricing, it varies depending on the amount of work and the designer’s skill level. Starting at $2000 to over $7000. Freelance web design cost is lower than Design Studio’s expertise.


Just think of these words “Design Studio’s expertise” – sounds professional, do you agree?

The considerable advantage of Design agencies is that you have a core team working on your project instead of a single employee. The benefit of such an approach is if you need Illustrator or Graphic designer, in some case a Business Analyst, he/she can be engaged partly to your project to produce a fuller result.

The professional web design cost is much higher than the other one. It starts from $7000 to over $50,000. It depends on Design Companies, their experience, and also website complexity.

Someone can tell: “This website design cost me an arm and a leg”. But, what about Risk Management? Are you ready to pay twice or more for the same job accordingly?


What will be the next step?

You are outfitted with the general knowledge to move forward with your website revamp or design from scratch. What you can do next?

  • You can compose an RFP or you can use our Website Brief which can help you get all the necessary input to start.
  • Another question is to define the right vendors and send out all the relevant information for them.
  • At least you will select the appropriate vendor that matches your expectations and start the work.

Qubstudio is Top UX/UI Design & Branding agency that design digital Products which recognized on both national and international levels. Drop us a line today or send the RFP/Brief and Let’s generate some wows!

, Business Development Manager