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UX Design Sales Partner

  • San Francisco, California, US
  • Full time
  • UX Design Sales Partner
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Qubstudio is expanding its market in San Francisco, California and is looking to partner with an experienced Business Developer on affiliate basis.

We’ve been a global Clutch Top 10 agency for 3 years in a row. 13 years on the market. We work with Y Combinator startups. It’s easy and pleasant to sell our services. We just want to be even closer to our clients and need your help with it.

In this role you will:

  • Meet potential customers face-to-face locally in San Francisco;
  • Negotiate on behalf of Qubstudio in alignment with Business Development Strategy;
  • Present, promote, and sell UI/UX Design and Branding services using our portfolio and solid arguments for prospective customers;
  • Present business offers to target markets, industries, and our products, solutions, and services based on target customers personas;
  • Represent Qubstudio at Networking events in California;
  • Establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships;
  • Conduct research to identify new markets and customer needs.

What you’ll bring:

  • 3+ years of relevant experience in Sales;
  • Business Etiquette Knowledge and Rapport skills;
  • Experience of selling UX/UI design services;
  • Previous experience in closing $50k+ B2B projects;
  • A track record of building personalized relationships with stakeholders;
  • Good negotiation and empathy skills with a customer-oriented attitude;
  • Successful track record of sourcing, developing, and growing strategic partner relationships.


Nadia Lushchak,

What does Qubstudio expect from you?

We’re looking for a Sales Partner, who has a network of startupers and can meet clients face-to-face in San Francisco, California to communicate the value of design and help us close deals.

What will be our Design Sales Partner’s challenge?

I’d say, the biggest challenge would be to fight stereotypes. Educate business owners that design made in Ukraine can be no worse, or even better than the one in the US. And obviously, the cost-effectiveness which goes without saying.

How Qubstudio will support the Sales Partner?

On our side, I and my management team will engage with you and the client. We’ll provide timely estimates, detailed commercial offers, get on calls, etc. Also, we’ll support you diving into the world of design by helping you get comfortable talking about design processes and operate the key terms. So, no worries, you won’t feel lost.

Who you’ll work with?

Mostly with your network and offline connections (or you make online connections go offline). Qubstudio in its turn will provide you with expertise needed. Typically, we involve lead designers, head of design, business analysts, project managers and/or me on the presale. With our social proof and support, it’s effortless to sell our services.


You won’t be asked ridiculous questions or tests.
You simply show up, we learn about each other
and if we match - we start working )

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