We’ve worked with innovation teams at MOIC on several projects, including ticketing system experience design & discovery projects. Together, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind urban theme park that facilitates human-to-human connection and ignites all five senses to inspiring products.

Industry: Entertainment
Country: USA

From their birth till nowadays, we’ve partnered with Today it is a leading ticketing service in Ukraine, and we’re proud to have made an input in their success.

Industry: Entertainment
Country: Ukraine

IT Arena

Our long-term relationship with the most prominent IT event in Eastern Europe is focused on bringing a unique style and user experience to the core of their brand. Besides that, we’ve breathed new life and majorly revamped their digital materials.

Industry: Entertainment
Country: Ukraine


Playerstate came to us for design of their main product. The focus of our work was to foster connection between gamers and game developers.

Industry: Entertainment
Country: UK


A cutting-edge redesign for Klip — a social startup intended to steal user’s hearts with a brand new trendy look & feel and extended feature-set. Qubstudio performed an in-depth product redesign based on users analytics and research which was also applied to the digital brand representation.

Industry: Entertainment, Mobility
Country: Finland

Leopolis Jazz App

We created a mobile app as one starting point for all festival activities. Our team performed full cycle of product development, starting with scratch and delivering full volume iOS and Android application.

Industry: Entertainment
Country: Ukraine

App Development company

Together with the client, we worked with startups and revolutionary brands all over Australia and the world. We formed a dedicated team of design experts for client’s projects. In the eight months of cooperation, we implemented nine products in various industries.

Industry: Entertainment, Fintech, Health care, Retail
Country: Australia