We helped Vapulus, who aimed on supporting merchants in their trading operations with branding, mobile app, web app and pos interface design.

Industry: Fintech
Country: Egypt


An ambitious project to help everyone invest their resources wisely. We designed the whole product from scratch.

Industry: Fintech
Country: Israel


In collaboration with Finova team, we created a complex financial UI/UX design to achieve better productivity, reducing support costs through UX and improve sales productivity. Qubstudio came up with simple, intuitive design keeping Finova innovative product approach.

Industry: Fintech
Country: USA

App Development company

Together with the client, we worked with startups and revolutionary brands all over Australia and the world. We formed a dedicated team of design experts for client’s projects. In the eight months of cooperation, we implemented nine products in various industries.

Industry: Entertainment, Fintech, Health care, Retail
Country: Australia

ila Bank

Together with ila Bank’s Product Design team, we contributed largely to the UX Review and UI improvements. Our design experts applied fresh, trendy, and clean solutions and enhanced the design process with in-depth Analytics and User Testing while setting up a coherent framework.

Industry: Fintech
Country: Bahrain

Tamara Pay

We worked on advanced Product Design solutions for the innovative fintech solution Tamara Pay, which serves online retailers and consumers in the Middle East. As a result, our design experts provided rapid improvements for the platform.

Industry: Fintech
Country: Saudi Arabia