On 24 of February 2022, at 4 am, Russia sent rockets to every large city in Ukraine and started a large-scale unprovoked war. Currently, Russia is shooting civilians, bombing kindergartens with rockets, and dropping grenades on birth centers—partially from Belorussian territory. Russian aggression has already claimed thousands of Ukrainian innocent civilian lives, including more than 100 children in three weeks.

It is indeed a horrific, terroristic war, waged by Russia and facilitated by Belarus. They use internationally forbidden warfare and weapons. However, Ukraine stays firm and defenses the peace and democracy of the whole world, not just its sovereignty.

The situation changes rapidly, so it's complicated to predict what Russia and Belarus will do next. Though the fly zone over Ukraine is not closed yet, we feel the support of European countries and are grateful for it.

According to the current circumstances, we as Ukrainian are sure of our win. Now, we continue providing coherent work to keep our economy stable. The maximum efforts to work uninterruptedly are taken here in Western Ukraine, where are no active attacks from Russia and Belarus.

Here is the list of some trusted news sources:

Most of us are located in the western part of Ukraine, around 340 miles or 550 kilometers away from a zone of active war actions. Other of our employees from temporarily dangerous parts of Ukraine have already moved to safer places or relocated abroad.

See a map displaying real-time war actions

Qubstudio keeps on working in near-full capacity except for some of our team members, who serve in the Army or Territorial Defense Forces. We adhere to our usual working schedule, but if there are any changes in our availability, your Project Manager will communicate them to you. All Project Managers work full-time to keep our projects operational. Also, we have ordered Starlink dishes for providing uninterrupted satellite Internet.

The short answer is no.

More than 80% of our employees are women, including most of our leadership team. 20% of our team is already working abroad. Women are not expected to take arms in times of war in Ukraine, and there are far more volunteer men to join the army than needed. Currently, many people without combat experience are turned down, so we stay at our positions and continue doing what we do best.

In case of Russian escalation to Western Ukraine, our company has a risk management plan to relocate our team to Poland. But all changes in our availability or work schedule will be communicated to you by your Project Manager as soon as there is a risk of situation tenses.

We are doing our best to avoid the extension of our agreed-upon deadlines. In case the timeline extension is needed, your Project Manager will keep you informed on the reasoning behind the extension, our risk management plan, and the possible new deadline.

Additionally, The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry evidenced force majeure circumstances (force majeure) in Ukraine.

Now all of us keep on working in relatively safe countries or regions. But if you feel like such relocation is crucial for your project and could assist your team with it, please, suggest this to your Project Manager.

See a complete knowledge base with ways that foreigners can help Ukraine

Down below, you will find possible variants with how you can be of any assistance:

1. Donate to our cause

Individual donations from any debit/credit card could be transferred here: uahelp.monobank.ua

Replenishment by payment card from abroad (EUR):
Swift code

BENEFICIARY’S ADRESS: 36, Dehtiarivska St., Kyiv, 04119
IBAN: UA023223130000002600101286329

2. State your political and humanitarian position

Here is the statement of one of our beloved clients. We appreciate you stating your position on your website, blog, LinkedIn, or personal social media.

3. Boycott Russian & Belorussian goods and services, especially:

  • Tilda
  • Readymag
  • Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Acronis TrueImage / Acronis Backup
  • ABBYY FineReader

View the full list

4. Terminate your involvement with Russian companies.

Every contact with Russian or Belorussian vendors helps its economy and results in murdered innocent lives and terror in the biggest European country.

5. Join the protest in your city.

See the lists of protests abroad:

6. Host Ukrainians locally.

Millions of people are forced out of their homes to save themselves and their children. Children are being evacuated even without their parents. Hosting a Ukrainian family will be an immersive help.

Find global services and local groups here

Thank you for not being numb to Ukrainian pain. We appreciate it and hope that this terrific war will never come to your home.

A reminder:
“The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists,” — Winston Churchill

Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦