Establishing a Next-Level Geosocial Networking App
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Model of Cooperation
Entertainment, Social

3 months

AtlasMate is an online location-based networking application. Its primary focus is to seamlessly connect users via always-on, personalized maps that enable proper social synchrony. This digital social network’s purpose is simple—extend and complement users’ social lives. Unlike already existing social networks, AtlasMate’s success is measured by seamless user connectivity, not virality. And what is more, it enables new ways of interacting with augmented reality and utilizing blockchain technologies.

The app we’ve built together allows to make interest-based connections, view friends on maps, and create personal events.

Interactive Map

Users can view a map with their friends’ updates of posts, events, and location tags directly on the main application page. The maps evolve with the user-generated content. As to location, it can be shared or hidden for more privacy.

Thrilling Connections

After filling out the profile, users can acquire new people by searching for new associates via filtered interest groups. Through familiar UX design commonly used in dating apps, users can like or dislike the people suggested and connect if it’s a match.

Social Network

Users can post updates, scroll the feed, and react to others’ profiles or posts. And if the profile is switched to the Creator mode, it becomes public so that other users can follow.

Organized Messenger

To agree on the offline meetings via online, react to the posts, and just message, there is the app's messenger. It combines three tabs of chats: for texting friends, discussing events, and getting to know new-made connections.

The client has involved our team in creating a mobile application and, later, a promo, disclosing all main app features and serving as an onboarding clip. Though the timeline of three months was challenging, we successfully met it by delivering one workflow per 1-2 days. Within the team, we formed an Informational Architecture of over 65 elements, built 12 workflows, and designed nearly 300 app screens.

screens designed overall
days per building one workflow
of investments has the startup raised
using the app’s prototype

Thanks to Qubstudio’s efforts, the startup has raised over $300,000 using the app’s prototype. They deliver everything they’ve promised on their pitch. Also, their communication is great, and we appreciate the plethora of skill sets they offer.

Mark F.

Co-founder, AtlasMate