The Challenge

Today we are showcasing our recent cooperation with Finova Financial — innovative US provider of fair and affordable financial services. Finova’s proprietary platform delivers an all-digital financial product and experience that fits the lifestyle of the 28% of Americans. Its data and analytics engine aggregates and analyzes various online and offline data attributes and the relationships among those attributes to assess the creditworthiness of its clients in real time.

The Solution

Getting a loan usually requires a lot of paperwork and multiple steps to be performed, so our #1 challenge was along with Finova team to simplify the flow for users, still keeping all the required steps. Another goal was to simplify routine operations not only for borrowers, but also for company representatives, who manage and evaluate loan applications. Qubstudio was involved in the deep investigation together with Finova experts, to upgrade and rebuild their product with an eye on interactive mobile-first design.


During this phase we defined two main objectives:
Business goals — to automate the process of registration and enhance onboarding stage so to minimize the resources spent on lead qualification. For Finova being a completely digital business, it’s crucial to keep an online relationship with the client smooth and productive.
User goals — get quick and easy access to the information about potential loan amount, and minimize the time spent on registration and loan calculation.

Filling the gaps

Next, we analyzed the current getting loan flow according to the data provided by Finova team. The prequalification stage in the past was divided into two parts: mandatory fields and additional information users were able to skip. This approach wasn’t sufficient enough, as the lack of information was turning into longer qualification for the company and increased applying time for users. Also, users who started the registration process could get stuck in filling the forms and didn’t get to the application placing stage. At this stage, we rethought product information architecture to make it consistent, efficient and straightforward.

Edward, 34 y.o.
New Finova user,
Сan’t fill all info by himself
"Need emergency cash for dental treatment, today"

User Goals:

  • Wants to know as quick as possible if he can take car title loan
  • Wants to see rates and fee structure completely clear before making the final decision
  • Wants to take fair credit; afraid to loose car, since doesn’t have another working vehicle

User Personas

According to Finova study, most of the borrowers who are looking to get a loan are spending it on covering personal needs, or paying bills. Typical user is the one who is not able to get a credit in a bank for some reason, therefore, needs quick and comfortable access to the funds and reasonable accommodation to paid off their cars.

User Flows

During the phase of service UX design, we have improved the logic and the structure through each stage of the system. And also established Information Architecture of user flows based on 3-level visual hierarchy, which simplifies navigation inside the service. It also gives us the ability to foresee the full picture of the project from the very beginning and to work on design and development simultaneously.

Information Architecture

Service wireframes and layouts are based on mobile-first principle, aimed to satisfy needs people who require instant access to loan service.
Now the process of getting loan is divided into two parts: online and offline. The user can see all steps listed before he starts typing in the details about his car and himself. All the questions are split up into logical groups, so the user can follow it step by step. Additionally each step displays how much time the user will need to fill it in.

UX Design Approach

Taking into account the cutting edge trends that prevail inside of Fintech, we came up with a card system. As the result, the information is presented by the sections, only one of which is expanded at a time. In order to adhere a mobile-first concept, we included from 7-10 forms per screen.


Once users enter the service, they can easily find the most essential information — what is the amount of loan they can expect to get? The calculation could be done by filling your car info such as brand, color, year of production. So the users can answer all the questions after receiving a brief estimation of a possible loan.
Next stage of qualification — a detailed questionnaire where the user writes down his personal information and additional details about the vehicle, uploads a car photo, etc.

The online part usually takes only 40-50 min to complete, and you can track the progress and the further steps.
The offline part contains a step by step guide through documentation which needs to be signed as well as information how and where you can get your money. Such a consistency inside of the registration ensures a seamless getting loan process. The system automatically stores users data so he can return to the process of registration any time, even after he has left it.

financial app wireframes

Design Language

As we consider Finovas Get Title Loan to grow into a scalable and repeatable product, an established design system provide us with accessible markup to serve as a foundation for further updates.

fintech website design

Service UI Design

Due to the straightforward design process, the implementation of the user interface was the least-time-consuming phase of the project. Our main task was to facilitate the user interaction with the help of smooth and minimalistic representation.
Helping Finova to educate their clients and lead them through get loan process we consider not to interrupt users attention with decoration but to keep their focus on what matters - on the fastest way to reach their goal.

fintech ui design
financial app ui design

Fully responsive design

Thanks to mobile first approach, the service is easy to use on any device. Just fill all the info step by step and you’re good to go.

Camera interactions

As the user needs to take several precise photos of the car, we created photo templates — this way we don’t need to explain each particular angle with words, and possible misunderstandings are brought down to a minimum.

Calc interactions

Plan how much you can borrow with your current income and expenses using our super fast and intuitive built-in calculator without switching to external apps.


In collaboration with Finova team, we rethought company products in terms of user experience, and came up with simple, intuitive user flows, eliminating the unnecessary steps and keeping Finova innovative product approach. Currently, Finova Financial provides fast affordable loan opportunities to the 70 million financially underserved Americans.


3 months


Project Manager
Lead Designer
UX Designer
UI Designer


USA, Florida

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