Brand is the heart of the business.
It’s the engine that drives you to new markets and opportunities. It’s the soul of the company that people fall in love with.

Brand is a melody
you want to hear every time

  • Value proposition

    How the brand fits into people’s lives

  • Point of view

    Brand's market positioning and archetype

  • Tone of voice

    The eloquence of communication with your customer

  • Communication

    Brand's communication channels

  • Copywriting

    Messages you send into the word

  • Visual identity

    Logos and colors of the brand

Brand is a relationship

Marvelous brands don’t create themselves. At our creative agency, we’re convinced that it takes a lot of productive work and tons of coffee.
  1. Briefing

    You tell us about your business, its goals, and tasks

  2. Estimation

    Prepare the project plan and estimate the budget

  3. Strategic sessions

    Analyze and structure your business model, value proposition, and archetype

  4. Creative

    With Qubstudio magic, we create branding concepts

  5. Design

    Refine and polish the creative idea, form a complete vision of the brand, transfer results of our work

  6. Support

    Help you to maintain the brand integrity, consult on the development and realization of marketing campaigns

Brand is an integrated team

You might wonder why there is a lot of yellow color on the page. Well, this is part of our brand.

We’re Qubstudio, branding, and UI/UX agency. Our history began in 2006 with drive, creativity, and an unstoppable desire for professionalism. Since then, we have received market recognition and international awards, for which we even had to buy a new office shelf.

Brand is precisely what you need

Various businesses have different needs, so we’ve created several solutions for a perfect fit:

A new brand

A new brand

Win the market and scale effectively. Create a new brand identity for customers, investors, and employees instantly fall in love with it.
from 6 weeks


Capture your audience’s hearts. Rebranding for experienced players, who feel that their current brand is no longer in line with their business advancement.
from 12 weeks
Brand polishing

Brand polishing

Get compliments from clients along with the new breath of inspiration for the team. Brand renewal for those who are satisfied with the current brand performance and strive for further improvement.
from 2 weeks

Brand is action