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Enhancing a Customer-Centered Banking Experience for the Leading Kuwaiti Bank

gulf banking app redesign

Gulf Bank of Kuwait is a leading Kuwaiti bank established in 1960. With over 52 branches across the country, the bank offers consumer banking, wholesale banking, and financial services.

We cooperated with the Gulf Bank digital team to rethink and recreate the mobile banking app according to the best practices of customer-centricity.

gulf app design

Enhancing Customer Experience through Comprehensive App Redesign

Gulf Bank wanted to make its diverse financial offerings easily accessible via smartphones since one of its strategic goals was to solidify its leading position in the GCC financial market through innovation and omnichannel customer experience.

We aimed not to do a standard banking app redesign, but to create a new CX within the specificity of the GCC market traditions and the domain regulatory requirements.

Working on the app required a collaboration between different departments and keeping a balance between their requirements and expectations.

gulf bank app interface design
app interface design for Gulf Bank

Following the Best Digital Banking Standards, Aligned with Local
Customer Needs

Our approach incorporated:

  • Continuous research of global and local market trends, to create an innovative but local-friendly solution.
  • Establishing regular customer research activities to keep the focus on the customers’ needs and preferences.
  • Engaging stakeholders across departments to incorporate cross-functional requirements (including security and compliance considerations) into the app’s design.

These allowed us to roll out a solution centered around Kuwaiti users’ needs, built according to global digital banking practices, and following all applicable regulatory standards.

payment interface design
wallet interface design

Enhanced User Trust Through Innovative,
Locally-Tailored Mobile Solution

The new Gulf Bank banking app is crafted within the best product design practices.

  • We modernized the app’s look and feel, showcasing the bank’s diverse products
with a contemporary, memorable, and brand-centric design.
  • We strengthened user trust in the banking app by enhancing
the onboarding processes, and overall user experience.
  • Refining informational architecture and navigation significantly improved 
customer journeys, making it more straightforward.
  • The new product is easy to use, even for newcomers. All main activities now follow
an intuitive pattern, significantly shortening the learning curve.
Gulf Bank mobile app
transfer app interface design
confirmation pages design
Gulf Bank mobile banking app design


higher rating of the
Gulf Bank app in the
App Store


increase in the
number of users


increase in financial transactions done on online mobile banking from 2020 to 2023


increase in the number of
logins from 2022 to 2023

At Gulf Bank, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Qubstudio on the amazing new Gulf Bank mobile app. This collaboration has been instrumental in creating a seamless and user-centric banking experience for our customers. From ideation to execution, this partnership has exemplified synergy and dedication, resulting in a product we are truly proud of. 

Owner at Gulf Bank

Hassan Almosawi

Digital Channels Product
Owner at Gulf Bank