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Our Approach to HR & Recruitment Product Design


We use data insights on HR market trends and user behavior to provide an intuitive & personalized user and brand experiences.


We improve employee experiences and impact teams' productivity, taking into account people's interests, motivations, needs, and emotions.


In harmonious cooperation with clients, we help HR & Recruitment digital products grow through the whole life cycle, from MVP to top-performing HR software.

Our Awards & Recognitions

We help data-driven businesses grow through world-class digital product and branding design solutions - award-reddot-2 - Qubstudio
We help data-driven businesses grow through world-class digital product and branding design solutions - award-reddot - Qubstudio
We help data-driven businesses grow through world-class digital product and branding design solutions - awards-ux-design-2022 - Qubstudio
We help data-driven businesses grow through world-class digital product and branding design solutions - clutch2021 - Qubstudio
We help data-driven businesses grow through world-class digital product and branding design solutions - clutch2020 - Qubstudio

Design Services for HR Tech

Digital Product Design

  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Management
  • Design Process Consultancy
  • Market & User Research
  • Product Vision & Strategy
  • UX/UI Audit & Improvements

Branding & Website Design

  • Logo & Visual Identity
  • Websites
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming & Verbal Identity
  • Brand Expression

Trusted By HR & Recruitment Innovators

  • youteam logo design
  • wade and wendy logo design
  • dni web logo design
  • pandatron logo solution

Our HR Tech Design Projects

With deep research, detailed analysis, and an entirely customized straightforward design, we create consistent digital products in HR & Recruitment. You can request us to work within domain diversity:

  • Recruiting and staffing
  • Benefits & compensation
  • Talent management
  • Compliance
  • Data organization & analysis
  • AI-powered HR analytics
  • Organizational structure
  • Workflow automation
  • Employee training & development
  • HR chatbots
  • Workplace safety and others


Designing the Efficient Recruitment SaaS Platform

Wade&Wendy is an American HR tech company helping businesses automate the top and middle of the funnel for their recruitment efforts. Our cooperation resulted in a simplified yet data-rich recruitment management SaaS platform for talents and recruiters, with analytics dashboards, smart suggestions, chatbot integration, and appointment management.


Product Strategy and Road Mapping
Market & User Research
UX/UI Design
Design System & Documentation




9 months


Recruiting and staffing

Case Study
wade and wendy design solution


Marketplace for Offshore Development Teams

YouTeam helps tech companies extend their engineering teams by leveraging a network of 20,000+ vetted contractors from hundreds of development agencies worldwide. Our team designed the web app from scratch and has continued supporting YouTeam’s platform with enhancements for over two years.


User Interview
Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Website Design




2 years


Recruiting and staffing

youteam web design solution

Catchy Website Design for runs highly-rated networking and recruiting experiences that bring together talented IT pros. They work with most innovative companies, such as Deloitte, Volkswagen Automotive Cloud, Intel, Google, SpaceX, and others. The client engaged our team in designing the website and turning it into an impressive user experience.


Website Design


1 month




Recruiting & networking

dni wed ui ux banner


Building a Website for the AI Coaching SaaS

Pandatron offers AI-driven coaching through chatbot technology. The automated coaching solution collects employee performance and mental state data, analyzes it, and provides suggestions for self-development and skills improvement. The project's delivery contained the new logo, visual identity, and the designed & developed website.


Market Research
Logo & Visual Identity
Website Design


Finland & USA


3 months


Corporate education

pandatron web design solution


The effects of digital transformation have a significant impact on HR Tech. According to HR Technology 2021: The Definitive Guide, over 12.1 million employers in the USA spend over $5 trillion on payroll, benefits, training, and other employee programs. But there is still space for more HR solutions to be implemented in the companies or offered to them.

Spotless and up-to-date design is about empowerment. Thus, implementing HR Tech built with employees and managers enables everyone to achieve more. Well-designed digital products can turn managers into career coaches, foster cultures of recognition, and transform HR leaders into data researchers. In a tech-enabled workplace, employee experience and user experience are synonymous.

The reasons for renovating the product design might be:

  • The product has not found its market fit yet.
  • There is a high user drop-off rate or low consumption time.
  • Users are not performing key actions.
  • The onboarding procedure makes users quit rather than stay.

Find out what more can be achieved with the updated product design in our article. And also, you can request our design experts to conduct a UX/UI Audit that provides a detailed answer regarding UX struggles and suggestions for improvement.

Whether in the short or long run, it's worth investing in partnering with an experienced design team, designing and seeing all the way through to manufacture a good-working product. Outsourcing a product design team means you can flexibly & quickly scale or change the direction whenever needed. For example, if you decide to add a new feature beyond your design team's expertise or test an MVP before investing in it. In a fast-changing digital world, flexibility is the key to success.

We work on the projects comprehensively, using best practices and methodologies, but with our worked-out approach. The main stages of our product design workflow are:

  • Defining the product;
  • Market and User Research;
  • Conceptualization;
  • Prototyping;
  • Testing;
  • Realization;
  • Development;
  • Quality Assurance.

Read more about the product design workflow in our Blog.

An HR Tech design project can last from a few weeks to years. The timeline depends on the scope of work and the deliverables' complexity.

Reach us for a detailed timeline for your project.

Yes! Our product managers support B2C and B2B HR Tech products from the business side, handling product discovery, business design, customer validation, and customer development.

Depending on the product stage and the business type, we conduct user testing, research the market trends & competitors, contribute to roadmap creation and identify the core metrics to focus on. Our product managers establish the product-centered vision across departments and handle the daily routine of keeping and maintaining the product's success. Thus, we move HR & Recruitment digital products towards their market fit.

Clients choose Qubstudio because of our proven industry experience and overall value. They remain with us for our warranties, dedication, and worked-out approach. Our experts focus on simplicity, efficiency, and consistency, driven by data. And we provide a full spectrum of HR Tech design services, creating outstanding solutions.

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