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Fintech Design Agency

Enhancing FinTech Experiences through UX/UI Design

With a world-class design workflow and data-driven attitude, our FinTech design agency helps digitize business processes to the maximum extent possible.

UI/UX Design for FinTech

Rapid technological advancements often lead to a worsening user experience. As a FinTech design agency, we understand the importance of providing solutions that not only transcend the ordinary but also remain intuitive. Our approach involves blending cutting-edge design principles with industry best practices to create standout experiences.

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Our FinTech UX Design Services

Through in-depth analysis and a user-friendly design, we craft FinTech products with a seamless consistency. Our work highlights our expertise across various domains: from implementing UX strategies to accelerate the growth of your product, to aligning UX design with your existing business objectives.

UX Design for Enterprise

UX Design for Startups

UX Design Agency for Banking and FinTech

With deep research, detailed analysis, and an entirely customized straightforward design, we create consistent FinTech products. Our work proves the expertise in full domain diversity:

UX Solutions for Banks
  • Digital Banking
  • ATM and ITM Design
  • Corporate Banking Back-office System
  • Omnichannel CX Design
  • Self-service Kiosks and Branch Automation
UX Offers for Fintechs
  • Personal Finance and Budgeting
  • Digital Payment Solutions
  • Investment and Wealth Management
  • Lending and Financing
  • Insurtech
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Design for Underbanked and Financial Inclusion

Our Case Studies

ila Bank 🇧🇭

The Best Mobile Banking Experience in the MENA

ila Bank is a trailblazing digital, mobile-only bank in Bahrain powered by Bank ABC. We helped ila Bank expedite their product’s scaling and ensured a complete product design cycle via smooth delivery and reduced time to market.

Bank 🇺🇸

Digital Banking for Banks
and Credit Unions

The product delivers a modern banking technology stack for credit unions and community banks, such as mobile banking or conversational AI. Our cooperation turned into a deep-rooted partnership, providing product design improvements.

Weld 🌍

Personal Finance Aggregation Mobile Application

Weld is a mobile-only financial management platform that combines the functionality of credit cards, accounts aggregation, and a marketplace of different financial products. We designed the FinTech product from scratch and delivered a seamless user experience with clean layouts.

Tamara Pay 🇸🇦

The Leading Buy Now Pay Later Provider in the MENA

Tamara Pay is an innovative FinTech solution for online retailers and consumers. The company recently raised $110M, proven to be a natural leader in the BNPL space. We provided advanced FinTech website design and improved the Tamara Pay platform design.


FinTech App Design for
a Digital Wallet

BARQ facilitates payment methods & fund transfers between users and track expenses. We provided the complex Product Design expertise for BARQ on IOS and Android tablet and mobile versions.

Finova 🇺🇸

An Online Lender With
a Car as a Deposit

Finova provides fast, affordable loans using the user’s car as a guarantee. We reduced support costs via UX advances, bettered sales capacity, and improved product efficiency.

Omonier 🇺🇸 🇺🇦

A Cryptocurrency
Exchange App

The Omonier FinTech app enables users to buy or sell over 16 cryptocurrencies directly from a bank account or transfer funds to over 180 countries. We provided a full-featured design for a digital mobile wallet during our cooperation.

Case Ila Bank
Case BankJoy
Case Weld
Case Tamara Pay
Case Barq
Case Finova
Case Omnier

Client Testimonials

The engagement has been going very well. Qubstudio continues to provide quality services in a timely manner. The team has been very flexible, always adjusting to the client’s schedule when needed. Their ability to work under tight deadlines and pressure is commendable as well.
Mohamed AlQassab
VP of Digital Experience, ila Bank
Qubstudio has successfully met the project requirements thus far. Their project management methods have proven to be effective, and their ability to work independently is noteworthy. They’re a proactive and businesslike partner who is invested in the success of the business.
Whit Walker
VP of Product at Wade&Wendy
Qubstudio showcases an exceptional set of project management, design, and collaboration tools and practices that are critical to the project’s success. Their attentiveness to detail, proactiveness, and ability to execute tasks flawlessly and on time allow them to continuously exceed expectations.
Ralph Wagner
VP Sales & Marketing at Quaeris
Their collaborative design process and technology allowed any edits to be implemented painlessly. Customers can expect a flexible, creative partner that always holds to design best practices.
Karen Winter
CTO at LinkIt!
Qubstudio has impressed the client with their clear and helpful design. Additionally, the vendor transparently covers the process in full detail. They document every step in detail, thanks to their wide knowledge of e-commerce.
Leila Tatour
Technology & IT Director at FleetCtrl.

Our Awards & Recognitions

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What services does Qubstudio provide?

Besides creating UX design for FinTech, we’re masters of Digital Product Design, Website Design, and Branding – crafting captivating experiences that leave a lasting impact.

To be more exact, those services are:

Digital Product Design Services:

  • Market & User Research
  • Product Strategy and Road Mapping
  • UX/UI Design
  • UX Writing
  • Design Systems
  • User Testing
  • Analytics & Optimization

Website Design Services

  • Web Design
  • Development & Testing
  • Launch & Maintenance

Branding Services

  • Visual Audit
  • Logo & Visual Identity
  • Guidelines & Systems
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Design
  • Social Media Design
How do I know if my FinTech product needs a new product design?

The reasons for renovating the FinTech UX design might be:

  • The product has not found its market fit yet.
  • There is a high user drop-off rate or low consumption time.
  • Users are not following the sales funnel or performing key actions.
  • The onboarding procedure makes users quit rather than stay.

Find out what more can be achieved with the updated product design in our article.

And also, you can request our design experts to conduct a UX/UI Audit that provides a detailed answer regarding UX struggles and suggestions for improvement.

How long does a FinTech design project take?

A FinTech UX design project can last from a few weeks to several months. The timeline depends on the scope of work and the deliverables’ complexity.

Reach us for a detailed timeline for your FinTech project.

What is Qubstudio’s UX/UI design workflow?

Our expert team thoroughly approaches every FinTech project. We use generally accepted methodologies but with our worked-out approach. The main stages of our product design process usually are:

  • Defining the product;
  • Market and User Research;
  • Conceptualization;
  • Prototyping;
  • Testing;
  • Realization;
  • Development;
  • Quality Assurance.

Read how our FinTech design agency scaled a lead mobile banking app with the design process in our article.

Do you provide product management for FinTech?

Yes! Our product managers support B2C and B2B FinTech products from the business side, handling product discovery, business design, customer validation, and customer development.

Depending on the product stage and the business type, we conduct user testing, research the market trends & competitors, contribute to roadmap creation, and identify the core metrics to focus on.

Our product managers establish the product-centered vision across departments and handle the daily routine of keeping and maintaining the product’s success. Thus, as an experienced FinTech design agency, we move digital products toward their market fit.

Why is UX important for FinTech?

A well-designed UX design for financial services enhances user engagement, builds trust, and reduces user errors.

By partnering with a design agency specializing in creating a UX design for FinTech, companies can benefit from their expertise in creating intuitive interfaces, loan management system design, investment website design, and digital wallet system design.

A user-centered UX design for financial services, incorporating swift UI design and open banking API design, differentiates FinTech products and provides a competitive advantage in the crypto, insurance, and payment sectors.

Why hire a design agency for a FinTech UI/UX design?

Hiring a design agency specializing in FinTech design offers numerous advantages. These design agencies have extensive experience in creating user-centered web design for FinTech apps, payment systems, trading platforms, and online banking systems. They possess the expertise to optimize website design for banks, provide UX for a mobile bank, and design user-friendly payment transaction databases.

Collaborating with a UX/UI design company specializing in finance app design ensures access to diverse skill sets, including cryptocurrency web design, asset management website design, and insurance web design.

UX design financial services agencies also provide scalability, flexibility, swift design services, and ongoing support, making them an ideal choice for FinTech companies aiming to deliver a superior user experience.

Looking to hire a FinTech design agency?