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Want to work in like-minded design community? It’s here. Not excited about never-ending projects? We only pick the ones we like. Want to sing Bruno Mars songs in the kitchen? We don’t judge.

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Qub is the place we love and care for. In return, it inspires us. Can’t escape positive vibes here.

We live and breathe design.

In our community words like Empathy, Look’n’Feel, Awesome, Sweet Interaction, Агонь sound more often than Framework, Bug, Deploy, Not Working, Backend, etc.


Let’s be honest, there will be tons of challenging and intensive work. But no worries, our caring team will support you along the way. Whether you’re a Business Analyst, UX or UI designer, you’ll be able to actually see the result of your work and influence the end-product.

Working in Qubstudio is nothing like being a freelancer or working in a software development company. You’re about to join a design community and creative work process, where empathy, creativity, and intention come first.

In the recent 2 years, we’ve completed 2 internships and developed personal development programs. The internship graduates have become our top employees, so we’re looking for more. Stay tuned!

Marta Prysyazhnyuk,
People Operations Manager

Open positions

I came to Qubstudio as a Junior designer almost 4 years ago. Despite the fact that I lacked experience, they saw something in me (probably, it was my desire to learn and ability to communicate) and I got a chance to work here.

I’ve gone all the way from Junior designer to Lead designer through the years. Obviously, it wasn’t all that easy, wouldn’t have been possible without the support from Head of UX, HR, PM and Art-director - everyone was ready and willing to listen, teach and guide. I believe that it’s the team support, high level of quality standards, feedback culture that make me want to continue working at Qubstudio.

Looking back at the progress we’ve gone through together with Qubstudio, I have no doubt that we’re up for a promising future!

Joanna Kuzik, Interaction Designer


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