Design that unites

Become a part of design community and make something you love!

Working in Qubstudio is nothing like being a freelancer or working in software development company. We value and cherish our design community and creative work process, where empathy, creativity and intention always comes first. Our team culture is crystallized in code of rules, and we encourage new team members
to embrace them too.

We appreciate bold ideas and proactivity, but you will not feel off. We believe
in working in teams, as well as giving teams independence and freedom they need — efficiency over bureaucracy. Always improving and eager to learn is another quality we are fond of.

We are not gonna lie — it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Creativity for the sake
of creativity is an art, not business. And we love seeing our work coming to real world, helping, connecting and making people’s lives better. So yes — there will be deadlines, solving real business problems and crazy days. But, of it was that simple — would it be worth our time?

Not scared yet? You are one hell of a badass we are looking for! 😉

Don’t see role that fits?

We are always glad to meet talanted and passionate people.
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