Being a part of Qubstudio means working with global brands and bringing value to millions of people. We are one of the most prominent design studios globally, and we continue to grow dynamically. If you are a results-oriented person who is ready for challenges, check out what we've got for you.

70 experts

70 experts

with an extended design community, which forms the most prominent design agency in Western Ukraine.

eNPS score

eNPS score

Employee Net Promoter Score, a concept built around the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure the willingness of employees to recommend their workplace, and we’ve managed to rise it up to +75,6%.

in the Top-5 UX Agencies by Clutch

in the Top-5 UX Agencies by Clutch

Clutch is the leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, Marketing and Business service providers. Follow the link to read about Qubstudio on the Clutch.

Worldwide clients

Worldwide clients

We work with European, American, Australian and Middle East businesses. Read more about our Clients.

50 projects per year

50 projects per year

Having experience in logistic, healthcare, fintech, entertainment, automotive & other industries.

Marta Prysiazhniuk

Head of HR

"We believe that the love to design unites and thus create a design that unites." — Marta, Head of HR.

At Qubstudio, we pay close attention to our values: to grow, care, and create. Our team is developing dynamically, and in the last 2 years, we have extended up to 70 members.

When growing professionally, we are guided by the principle of the Human-Centered design approach. That means we focus on our strengths and systematically construct a clear career path with setting and achieving goals.

When hiring, we aim to be on the same wavelength with the people. People who are ready to create a design that works.

And our design do works — it is already proved and admitted by our clients.

We hold a place in the TOP-4 best UX design agencies according to And moreover, Qubstudio is the most prominent digital design agency in Western Ukraine.

Finally, we believe that everyone has all the tools to master their job.

If you want to get in touch, upload your CV and tell us more about yourself. Will talk about your experience and show you how we work.

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We care about the homie work environment and cherish the balance between work and life. These are the ways that help make work comfortable and effective to the maximum extent.

Compensation & bonuses

Bonuses for an extra contribution

Financial aid in the purchase of personal equipment

Free legal consultations

Health insurance or reimbursement for sports

Maternity leave with job preservation

Support for your awesome personal projects

Competitive salary

Professional growth

The ability to choose a project and switch the competence

Mentorship system

Transparent matrix of competencies and performance review structure

OKR system for individual and team goals

Paid training & international certification

Opportunity to participate in competitions and join social projects

Result-oriented workflows & processes

Work environment

The ability to work from anywhere on the planet

Workation twice a year

Culture of mutual respect and support

A new fantastic office in KIVSH, Lviv

Team workshop, team building, or a party every month

Horizontal company structure

Flexible working hours

Our Partners

Qubstudio is a community of open-minded people who are ready to solve complex business challenges. But the most important thing is that we are in love with design and our projects. Welcome!

If you asked me what job is ideal for me — I would recommend that you do not create ideals just because someone has already made it for you. Qubstudio, in this sense, is a perfect match. During the 2 years here, I improved my expertise in HR, e-Commerce, Business, Ticketing platforms, and other spheres. But more important is that I met good friends with whom I explore design when working and the world when traveling.

Maxim Synyava

Product Designer at Qubstudio

I've been working at Qubstudio for 4 years — it's pretty impressive. There were many other job offers during this time, but I still keep choosing Qubstudio because of the possibility of growing up. Professional and personal development is a crucial value of both mine and Qubstudio. And as a result, we are still together.

Kate Vitkovska

Lead Product Designer at Qubstudio

I have worked at Qubstudio for one year now. Working here allows me to move beyond the standard solutions, realize the power of design and work closely with the team. The thing that drives me the most is the involvement in all the processes. My efforts affect the team's efforts, and together we make a significant input in various businesses' success.

Iryna Krot

Business Analyst at Qubstudio

I joined Qubstudio after graduating from their digital design internship, and I'm still happy that it all worked out. Every project brings a unique experience to me. Moreover, here I can develop and improve my expertise in various industries, learn new information and share my knowledge. In fact, it could not be otherwise in a professional design community, could it?

Nick Vedenin

Product Designer at Qubstudio