Well, hello! We’re Qubstudio.
Q is just a symbol to remind us that there`s something unique in every usual thing.

Our story started in 2006. These two realized they shared the same passion for design and art. Back then they started implementing it by doing designs and websites for local businesses.

Lyubomyr Koval, Founder

Victor Fedyuk, Founder, Art Director

As the tech industries and startups were growing more and more on the market, the focus shifted to digital products.

Lyubomyr has become the author of the first UI/UX training program in Lviv, Ukraine. His commitment to educating a strong local talent pool attracted top practicing professionals to share their experience. We still leverage the power of education by running internships, mentoring programs, speaking at conferences.

Victor has aspired to the role of art-director. He’s setting the new standards for how to drive marketing value through creativity. He knows how even the simplest visual changes can trigger more emotions and sales.

Our vision

We strive to live in the world where
products, services and businesses have
seamless interactions.

Nadia Lushchak, CEO, PhD

The way people see and feel digital products dramatically changed in the recent years. So did we. In 2018 we decided to focus only on the design side of product development: UX/UI design and Branding Services. This allows us to grow faster, set more effective goals and processes. Ultimately, we simply do better and more timely production with less headache.

Serving as the CEO at Qubstudio, Nadia plays a major role in process management, human capital, and business leadership expertise.

Den Sliusarchuk, Chief UX/UI Designer

Designers often understand either the creative part of design or the the smart part of it. The ones who can really do both are rare beasts.

As a Chief UX/UI Designer, Den oversees building the right team composition for each project. He pioneers introducing new trends and technologies that allow to bring more skills and value to your project faster. You`ll be impressed how fast he gets a grasp on how to develop your business.

Magic happens when bright minds work like crazy.

We create things for people and rarely for someone else. We explore your business to turn your story into exact actions that will make a strong impact on your audience.
Yes it’s hard, but we know ways to actually do it.
When we see that our work brings tangible results – it makes us wanna dance.

We are graphic, interaction, motion, UI/UX designers project managers, business analysts who are proud making impactful products.

Our mission is to create beautiful yet
simple experience via UI/UX Design and

Giant talents need a remarkable place to create. We’re lucky to be in one of the most inspiring European cities. Qubstudio is situated in the heart of Lviv, a short walk from the city’s stunning UNESCO-heritage downtown.

Office is where the heart is. That`s why we treat as we should to maintain the inspiration and productivity.




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