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We are Qubstudio, a Digital Product Design & Branding Agency. As a team of Designers, Business Analysts, Strategists, Content Writers, and Project Managers, we collaborate on a result-oriented design process. Proud to be a long-term partner of worldwide digital-first companies, enabling organizations to succeed at digital transformation.
  • 75 experts
  • 15 years
  • 500 projects
Our mission is to help businesses put people at the center of their innovations.
Using research, deep empathy, and design-thinking methodologies, we deliver strong Brand and User Experience.

Our values

Emphasis on deep empathy forms the basis of our culture, brings us together, and shapes our attitude toward clients, work, and each other.

We care deeply about achieving our clients’ business goals. Our inner processes are built around contributing to these goals. Because every personality impacts the final product, we cherish and consider all viewpoints. We care about our team and work environment, and believe that only happy people can make other people happy.

We continue to transform and experiment with methodologies and approaches. But one thing remains unchangeable — the direction of our growth. We continue to move up by improving and developing — that is our common trait. In addition to a passion for design and traveling together, of course.

Our leadership team

About - Lyubomyr Koval - Qubstudio
Lyubomyr Koval

The leading strategist and prophet at Qubstudio. With his master’s degree in Computer Science and savvy business mindset, Lyubomyr consults and advises on every crucial decision within the team.

About - Victor Fedyuk - Qubstudio
Victor Fedyuk
Co-founder, Expert Brand Designer

An artist and creator by design, active speaker on industry professional events, article writer, consultant, and coach, Victor knows how to increase product sales and trigger emotions with the most subtle visual changes.

About - Nadia Lushchak - Qubstudio
Nadia Lushchak
CEO, Ph.D.

The leader, innovator, motivator, part-time runner, and CEO of Qubstudio since 2018. Nadia has a Ph.D. in Innovation Management and five years of teaching leadership, which allows her to run the company wisely.

About - Marta Prysyazhnyuk - Qubstudio
Marta Prysyazhnyuk
Head of HR

The integrator of Qubstudio, Marta admits a successful company is built on people, products, and profits. She believes that only a cohesive team can create the synergy of design and business.

About - Mayya Vu - Qubstudio
Mayya Vu
Head of PMO, Client Partner

The certified Agile Project & Delivery Manager, and PMP. Mayya has a Software Engineering degree, plus experience working at Google and leading the Woman Techmakers Lviv.

About - Sasha Hordiyenko - Qubstudio
Sasha Hordiyenko
Branding Team Lead, Client Partner

Business Analyst, Brand Strategist, and certified Master in Law, Sasha’s skills help her ground creativity of the mind, and her empathy makes her a genuine Qubstudio people-person.

About - Ross Yaremchuk - Qubstudio
Ross Yaremchuk
Head of Partner Engagement

The Client Partner at Qubstudio, Ross has a master’s degree in Computer Engineering, 7+ years of experience in business development, and the talent to build meaningful connections with potential business partners.


Our office

Qubstudio is housed in the creative space KIVSH, located in the heart of a prominent technology hub in Eastern Europe. Here, we have brought together talents and formed our expert design community.
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For 5 years in a row, Qubstudio has been globally recognized as a Top UX Design Agency on Clutch. And also we have received the Red Dot Best of the Best Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, UX Design Award, and others.
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