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Our Approach to Logistics Product Design


Logistic companies rely heavily on data. So thorough research and analysis are at the forefront when creating a logistics app design, website design for logistic companies, or serving other design needs.

Design Solutions

Logistics demands straightforward solutions that work. Via digital product design, delivery & transportation processes can be optimized, navigation simplified, and complex solutions made clear.


We see not only merchants, fleet operators, and drivers, but firstly—people. So simplicity and efficiency remain crucial throughout the logistics design process.

Our Awards & Recognitions

We help data-driven businesses grow through world-class digital product and branding design solutions - award-reddot-2 - Qubstudio
We help data-driven businesses grow through world-class digital product and branding design solutions - award-reddot - Qubstudio
We help data-driven businesses grow through world-class digital product and branding design solutions - awards-ux-design-2022 - Qubstudio
We help data-driven businesses grow through world-class digital product and branding design solutions - clutch2021 - Qubstudio
We help data-driven businesses grow through world-class digital product and branding design solutions - clutch2020 - Qubstudio

Design Services for Logistics

Digital Product Design

  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Management
  • Design Process Consultancy
  • Market & User Research
  • UX/UI Audit & Improvements
  • Product Vision & Strategy

Branding & Website Design

  • Logo & Visual Identity
  • Naming & Verbal Identity
  • Websites
  • Brand Expression
  • Brand Strategy

Trusted By Logistic Innovators

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  • ogo ship fintech design

Our Logistics Design Projects

With deep research, detailed analysis, and an entirely customized straightforward design, we create consistent digital products in logistics. You can request us to work within domain diversity:

  • Transportation and mobility
  • Supply chain
  • Warehousing
  • Procurement
  • Shipping logistics
  • Express services
  • Third-party logistics and others


AI Platform for Procurement &
Supply Chain Experts

Scoutbee is an AI-based SaaS company that provides services for procurement leaders like Audi and Bosch to find global suppliers faster and see deep insights to make confident buying decisions. The Scoutbee project delivery contained an up-to-date website, MVP product, and AI-driven platform.


Business Analysis
UX Research
UX/UI Design
Website Design




3 years


Supply chain



Case Study
scoutbee web design solutions
scoutbee design banner

Their in-depth discovery session of our project impressed us, especially for its insights and productivity. We had gapless communication, both in calls and in-person meetings. Qubstudio dedicated their professionalism and efforts to our project such that working together feels like being a single team.

author mini image

Timo Appelmann

Chief Product Owner, scoutbee GmbH


Onboarding Process Improvement for the Logistic Network

OGOship helps e-commerce businesses optimize their supply chain, speed up delivery times, and reduce costs with a highly demanded 3PL service. The User Testing on real people allowed us to improve the onboarding process and create a comprehensible & clean UI design.


UX Research
User Testing
UX/UI Design




7 months, ongoing


Third-party logistics



ogoship web design


Complex Redesign of the Smart Delivery Platform

Getswift allows customers to manage drivers, dispatch tasks, and track real-time goods delivery. The cooperation with the client resulted in the whole system revamping, from digital products—web panel and driver app—to the marketing website.


Product Strategy
UX/UI Design
Website Design
Branding and Identity




1 year


Last mile delivery



get swift design banner

Go To-U

Mobile App Design for the Biggest EV Charging Network in Ukraine

Go to-U is the first digital experience platform for e-mobility. With the intuitive UX/UI design, electric car drivers can now connect to their destination places and keep their trips safe.


UX/UI Audit & Improvements
Information Architecture
UX/UI Design




2 years





Case Study
go to-u app design


Spotless Web App Design for the Software Supply Chain Publisher

MyTower offers software products and services, including transportation management systems, customs compliance software, and supply chain visibility tools for shippers. Our collaboration resulted in the IA and UX Design for the MyTower web app.


UX Research
Information Architecture
UI/UX Design




7 month, ongoing


Supply chain



widget design


If you aim to facilitate better user integration in any process of transportation operations, the up-to-date digital product design will be helpful. The digitization of logistics & transportation will help you address the users' new requirements, the challenges on the supply side, and the remaining expectations for efficiency improvement.

The reasons for renovating the product design might be:

  • The product has not found its market fit yet.
  • There is a high user drop-off rate or low consumption time.
  • Users are not following the sales funnel or performing key actions.
  • The onboarding procedure makes users quit rather than stay.

Find out what more can be achieved with the updated product design in our article. And also, you can request our design experts to conduct a UX/UI Audit that provides a detailed answer regarding UX struggles and suggestions for improvement.

Outsourcing your logistics design needs to an experienced design team is beneficial in many ways. The data-driven, thought-through digital product design can impact your digital product and reduce costs by optimizing and pooling logistics. The time you save through design improvement allows you to increase your business-building efforts. And also affect your product revenue and profitability by increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Outsourcing allows you to apply innovative solutions and improve logistics & transportation efficiency and performance. More than just designing operations, the design team with a proven experience in logistics can fundamentally leverage digital and analytics to rethink and innovate operations and delivery processes.

We work on the projects comprehensively, using best practices and methodologies, but with our worked-out approach. The main stages of our product design workflow are:

  • Defining the product;
  • Market and User Research;
  • Conceptualization;
  • Prototyping;
  • Testing;
  • Realization;
  • Development;
  • Quality Assurance.

Read more about the product design workflow in our Blog.

A logistics design project can last from a few weeks to years. The timeline depends on the scope of work and the deliverables' complexity.

Reach us for a detailed timeline for your project.

Yes! Our product managers support B2C and B2B logistics products from the business side, handling product discovery, business design, customer validation, and customer development.

Depending on the product stage and the business type, we conduct user testing, research the market trends & competitors, contribute to roadmap creation and identify the core metrics to focus on. Our product managers establish the product-centered vision across departments and handle the daily routine of keeping and maintaining the product's success. Thus, we move logistics digital products toward their market fit.

Clients choose Qubstudio because of our proven industry experience and overall value. They remain with us for our warranties, dedication, and worked-out approach. Our experts focus on simplicity, efficiency, and consistency, driven by data. And we provide a full spectrum of logistic design services, creating outstanding solutions.

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