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scheme of product design

Build a scalable experience ecosystem with a human-centered approach.

Grow and Scale

Enable the progress with industry-leading design expertise
  • UX/UI Audit & Improvements
  • Digital Product Redesign
  • Product Ownership
  • Product Road Mapping
  • Design Team Augmentation
  • Design Process Consultancy

Create and Launch

Build a high-end digital product with smooth interactions and an impeccable look & feel
  • User Experience Design
  • UX Writing
  • Design Documentation & Handover
  • User Interface Design
  • Launch Strategy
  • Design System


Grow your business idea into a game-changing digital product that brings value to people
  • Market Research
  • Value Proposition Design
  • User Research
  • Product Vision & Strategy
  • Idea Validation
  • Visual Prototyping

Our capabilities

Business Analysis

User & Market Research

Customer Experience Design

UX/UI Design

UX writing

Digital Product Management

Service Design

UX/UI Consulting

Design Project Management

Qubstudio brings to bear some of the best designers and analysts that I have worked with in the past 30 years.

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Ralph Wagner

VP Sales & Marketing, Quaeris


What sets your digital product design services apart from your competitors?

Quality Design, Data-Driven Solutions, Reliability.
For the past 16 years, we have been delivering top-notch digital product design services and UX design services. With an exceptional team of design experts and a well-established approach, we ensure excellence in every project.

Let’s speak some numbers:

  • 16 years of experience;
  • 63 verified reviews on Clutch;
  • 97+ NPS score;
  • A team of 70 professionals;
  • Red Dot Winner 2022;
  • Top 2 UX Agency on Clutch

Most importantly, our unique ability to place people’s needs at the core of business innovation distinguishes us in the industry. Feel free to reach us for a digital product design consultancy regarding your business needs.

Why does digital product design matter?

Digital product design is all about crafting solutions that are efficient, user-friendly, and adaptable to the fast-paced digital landscape.

With data-driven UX design services, you can reduce the guesswork and create products that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and adaptable to changing circumstances.

Leveraging digital product design services is a strategic move to distinguish yourself from the competition. Brands rarely get a second chance with poor UX, and the stakes are significant.

What is your product design process?

The product design process is structured into four key stages: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver. These stages entail:

  • Defining the product’s scope and objectives.
  • Conducting comprehensive market and user research.
  • Conceptualizing the product’s design.
  • Creating prototypes for testing and feedback.
  • Realizing the final product based on feedback.
  • Developing the product.
  • Ensuring quality through thorough testing.

However, every project is unique and demands a tailored design process. Reach out to us for a digital product design consultancy to determine the design process steps that align with your business needs.

What is the difference between UX design services and digital product design services?

UX design services are all about usability and optimizing user experience while interacting with a product. It involves studying users’ needs, testing the product for ease of use, and using techniques to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Digital product design services cover a broader range of tasks. Product designers actively engage in the entirety of the design process, incorporating UX design as well as extending their purview to include UI design services, prototyping, business-oriented procedures, and other strategic elements integral to the product’s success. This holistic approach underscores the significance of a well-defined product strategy throughout the design and development lifecycle.

To sum up, UX design and product design share many similarities. However, UX design service primarily is about streamlining product usability. In contrast, digital product design service extends its scope to various design processes, with an emphasis on business-related aspects.