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Qubstudio announced as global leader in UI/UX services


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Qubstudio announced as global leader in UI/UX services - Qubstudio

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Our blog is filled with useful information to help businesses improve their digital presence and user experience design. We’ve got recent articles like “FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE USER EXPERIENCE” and “HOW TO CONDUCT USER INTERVIEWS” that businesses can use, regardless of if they are our clients or not.

User Experience is often related to the customer journey in terms of how customers go about selecting a product or service provider. According to Clutch, 62% of business decision makers rely on online reviews before deciding whether to work with a business service company. That’s why we maintain our profile on Clutch, where our clients can leave detailed case-study style reviews that other potential clients can then read and learn about how we work and the projects we’ve done.

Our Clutch profile has 14 reviews and growing. We encourage our clients to leave honest feedback on their platform so not only it can be shared with other businesses, but also so we can continually improve our processes and how we work. Our most recent review was a 5/5 star review. The review has over 300 words and can be really helpful to our potential clients that are currently in the buyer’s journey. One notable quote from the review was:

“Their team is proactive and responsive and stays on top of everything.”

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Another reviewer noted how much they liked our work style by saying:

“While focusing on the big picture, the team was both detail-oriented and motivated.”

Our reputation on Clutch has another perk as well. They recently announced their yearly global release of top UX/UI designers. Out of over 3,000 businesses that offer UX/UI design company services, we are listed as one of the top user experience agencies on a global level. We’ve made such a splash on Clutch’s platform that their sister website, The Manifest also features us as a global leader in our field.

So, if you think of the buyer’s journey as a form of user experience, don’t forget to factor in the research they are doing your company on third-party review websites. We like collecting reviews on Clutch because they encourage our clients to go into details about the projects we do for them. If you’re not a business service company, there are other websites you can list on to collect client feedback. If you have any questions about how we maintain our digital presence on Clutch, we’ll be happy to help!