Our new top UX agency award!


The second year in a row QubStudio was recognized as a top UX agency by Clutch.co, Washington based research and consulting company.

The second year in a row QubStudio was recognized as a top UX agency by Clutch. We are proud to be one of the most reliable design companies in Europe. Moreover, to share this status with great companies from the USA and UK.

During 2017 we successfully completed more than 40 projects, so this was a very productive and successful year. Worth to mention, we received three recent reviews on Clutch, and some more are coming soon.

Besides of working on commercial projects, this year we started working on raising new generation of designers. In September we launched our UI/UX internship. To ensure full involvement and curated practical experience along with solid theoretical ground, we invited young designers to learn and work with us for two months. In the end of the year they successfully defended their individual projects – all details coming soon to our blog too!


qubstudio work process


Be sure, we won’t stop on these achievements. Our mission is now closer than ever — smart and intuitive approach on each step of product development. With our UX/UI superpower, Qubstudio will save your business from outdated and useless design 🙂

New Year – new challenges! New awards?
We’ll see. But what is known for sure – more and more satisfied clients are waiting for us here in 2018!

By Alina Yurenko Marketing @ Qubstudio

i do marketing, sales and organize large-scale tech conferences as a hobby

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