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EDS Q360

Building an Accessible User Experience for the Fastest EV Charging Station in Ukraine

The EDS-Development company is the leading developer and manufacturer of innovative energy products. It is a part of the EDS Ukraine group, that delivers modern and efficient solutions for the energy landscape future. The company specializes in the development of electric vehicles and charging stations for them, as well as conceptual architectural solutions for energy facilities such as electrical substations.

EDS Q360 — one of EDS-Development’s core products — is a state-of-the-art charging station for electric vehicles, which provides a full charge in under thirty minutes. The Qubstudio team played a pivotal role in building the user interface for the charger.


Create an Intuitive HMI for The Fastest Charger for EVs

The goal extended beyond building a user-friendly interface in the traditional sense. The interface design should prioritize the ease of use, especially for newcomers, so the users could spend less time setting up the charging process.

The client needed a user interface with a screen that drivers could see across diverse weather conditions. Creating a simple, informative interface with a fast, linear user journey was important.


A Design Process Focused on
a Straightforward Customer Journey

To create a customer-centric interface, we needed to understand the pitfalls of electric car users. Consequently, our first step was thorough user research, and the findings guided our design decisions.

Because EDS Q360’s interface is the only user touchpoint — it requires no mobile app — the interface had to contain all features needed to operate the station. We also prioritized simplicity and considered the influence of external factors on user experience.

Our efforts resulted in a customer journey map that smoothly guides users through using the charger, from connecting the EV to the payment and charging. Leveraging this map, we engineered an intuitive interface that aligns with user needs and expectations across usage scenarios.


A User-Centric Interface That Eliminates the Struggles of Electric Car Owners

We implemented an attractive, adaptable, and accessible interface that caters fully to the needs of electric car users.

  • An HMI is built according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
    Drivers can see the status and type of the charging connector and grasp the process details right on the main screen. Due to WCAG, our design guarantees inclusivity and usability for every driver.
  • An intuitive HMI design powered by the card-based approach.
    Users can anticipate the forthcoming actions, thereby spending less time setting up the charging process. Clear guidance for drivers on the next steps enhances user outcomes and maximizes the utility of the stations.
  • Users are provided with convenient interaction at any time of the day.
    We implemented a light theme and a dark theme. A sensor detects the amount of light and switches the theme accordingly. The interface is highly readable and easy to navigate from any viewing angle and under diverse conditions, thanks to large UI elements, high contrast, and a simple user flow.
Product’s features


minutes of full charge


kW of maximum power


cars can charge up

Working together was a pleasure. Our collaboration process was well-structured, practical, and highly productive. Thanks to their proactive approach, the product designer considered our requirements, offered great concepts, and provided first-class solutions. The interface design exceeded our expectations. We look forward to more joint projects with Qubstudio.

Oleksandr Chernykh

Research and Development Director at EDS Ukraine