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Elevating Chemical E-Commerce Through Innovative Product Enhancements

BluePallet is an end-to-end industrial commerce platform, pioneering solutions for search, logistics, transactions, and everything in between.

BluePallet is more similar to an eCommerce hub, combining the functionality of a marketplace with that of a networking platform. This unique solution covers the entire chemical procurement cycle, encompassing sourcing, deal negotiations, order fulfillment, and financing. We helped Bluepallet to redefine the product and embrace innovative features.

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Innovating The Product Experience in the Chemical Marketplace

Initially, the client approached us to update the look & feel of the product. However, following our in-depth research phase, we collectively opted to rebuild the product from the ground up, redefining its architecture and design.

The main task involved updating the product’s navigation to cater to the needs of both buyers and sellers and ensure regulation-compliant transactions.

The chemical marketplace demands tailored features. Creating a comprehensive solution also included enabling price negotiations, crafting user interaction strategies, and upgrading the networking system.


The Double Diamond Method at Its Finest

To ensure that every aspect of the product centered around user needs, we used our tried-and-true Double Diamond design process::

  • Discover and define. We performed a UX/UI audit of the current solution, an analysis of competitor solutions, and in-depth user interviews.
  • Develop and deliver. We developed new user flows and built wireframes, testing them with real users and iterating until they fulfilled user needs. We also created detailed documentation for the upgrade, new acceptance criteria, and a comprehensive design system.

Secure Transactions That Don’t Compromise on Networking and Ease of Use

Through cooperative efforts with stakeholders from various departments at BluePallet, our team revamped over 10 functionalities and delivered 17 unique features. Among these features, two crucial and unique functionalities significantly contributed to achieving optimal platform usability.

  • Complex UX Price Book: A dynamic pricing feature enables real-time pricing adjustments for sellers based on factors like the number of goods, delivery locations, and beyond, fostering transparency.
  • Connections: A feature that facilitates private information exchange only upon mutual consent. This allows sellers and buyers to remain anonymous during preliminary negotiations for products and pricing. This prioritizes user privacy while still allowing users to engage and network.

Striking Results Despite All Challenges


unique features


increase in daily and
monthly active users


growth in the number
of users

The team went above and beyond by making themselves readily available to address our needs and concerns, fostering a seamless and collaborative working relationship. We are genuinely appreciative of their dedication, and their exceptional project management significantly contributed to the overall success of our project. Their collaborative spirit, responsiveness, and commitment to excellence truly stood out, making them an exceptional partner in achieving our goals.

Rena Tabal

Director of Product Management
at Bluepallet