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Designing the transition from the service company model to SaaS platform
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Project summary

Product strategy and
road mapping
Market & user research
UX/UI design
Design system and documentation
9 months
Project Manager
Business Analyst
UX Researcher
Lead Product Designer
Two Product Designers
HR & Recruiting

Client's background

Wade & Wendy is an American HR tech company. They help businesses automate the top and middle of the funnel for their recruitment efforts. Furthermore, Wade & Wendy team is building conversational AI chatbots for the hiring process improvement.


The initial request was to automize all time-consuming manual workflows and pack them into a digital product, thus improving the recruiter process to scale Wade & Wendy's business.


  • To provide the Recruiter Space to manage all jobs, vacancies, review candidates within the same system
  • To decrease the time of vacancies processing in the chatbot for Admin Space users
  • To motivate & engage candidates to keep using the Talent Space after they have already got a job

We have a very complicated product & industry, and it took Qubstudio a while to get up to speed about it. They were very proactive in bringing forward ideas about what was needed, really understanding the end-to-end product.

wade wendy author

Whit Walker

VP of Product, Wade & Wendy

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The process

Recruitment is a multistage and messy process, so we have begun with deep research of the client's operating business model and work structure, analyzed all resources Wade & Wendy uses, learned about the team, and engaged in all the stages. Also, using our design-driven approach, we consulted the Wade & Wendy team and provided them with requested & additional solutions.

Our team decided to build three refined digital products for talents, recruiters & admins and pack them into one SaaS ecosystem.

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Service architecture

For different touchpoints' automation, we ensured that the throughline and customer journey were suitable for both candidates and recruiters.

To build a good user experience, we modelled the flow from the candidate's perspective. Then we dived into the recruiter analytics, investigated, and discovered what metrics were crucial for them and how they could simplify the recruitment process.

Moreover, we packed the whole design system and engaged the BA team. BAs provided the client's team with features decomposition, formed backlog & user stories, thus helped to get ready for the development process beginning.

The full integration with Agile Product Development Process

Wade&Wendy - wade-wendy-scheme2 - Qubstudio

  • Wade&Wendy

    Product Owner
  • Qubstudio

    Business Analyst / Product manager
  • Qubstudio

    Product Design team
  • Lemberg

    Front-end Development team
  • Wade&Wendy

    Back-end Development team

Work in parallel

2-weeks sprints, 2 design teams + 1 BA team working in parallel

Being agile we organized the workflow to work parallelly with the client's team on different project parts. Our product designers balanced complicated and simple features implementation, thus releasing the client from a manual job.

We delivered the completed design flow fortnightly. The delivery included clickable Figma prototype, design files, and recorded video with flow behavior explanation.

Customization of Ant design language

We used the existing enterprise-class Ant design language because of its polished look and feel, easy integration, Es6 support, and quick release rhythm. Moreover, our team adjusted it to cover the specific project needs. Thus, the time spent on UI creation decreased by 20%.

Comprehensive documentation for the Dev team

With precise attention, we made design documentation, placed it on the Product board, and formed the backlog for the Dev team. Our BAs created user stories and provided Jira tickets as specifications. It simplified the engineers' work and helped them develop the product much faster.


Design communication tool
Wade&Wendy - tools1 - Qubstudio
Communication tools
Wade&Wendy - tools2 - Qubstudio
Wade&Wendy - tools3 - Qubstudio
Google Meet
Wade&Wendy - tools4 - Qubstudio
Presentation tool
Wade&Wendy - tools5 - Qubstudio
Google Slides
Recording tool
Wade&Wendy - tools6 - Qubstudio


AI chat-bot for communication support

A chat is the most accessible and straightforward way to communicate, enabling customers to solve their needs. With a single interface, we automized the needed processes and provided a sense of comprehensive communication & speed of response.

Dashboard and analytics

Why is the analytics dashboard one of the crucial parts of the system?

  • It saves time for the recruitment process and enables recruiters to review and contact candidates quickly
  • The recruiter’s management observes the team’s productivity and its impact on ROI
  • It uses analytics results for the recruitment process improvements


With the new calibration tool, recruiters spend 35% less time qualifying candidates now. Designed from scratch, template functionality has simplified the preparation of new jobs, and a new position is created in a few clicks.

Wade&Wendy - wade-wendy-img1 - Qubstudio

What started as a small design effort has evolved into designing an entire system and new functionality over a long period.
I'm happy, that now, it is a robust platform that automates the recruiters’ work, reduces time, and increases the effectiveness of employment for both the candidates and the recruiters.

Maxim Synyava - Qubstudio

Maxim Synyava

Product designer

Career advisor

The Talent section makes it easy to share personal information, schedule interviews, and make accurate choices from a vast array of job opportunities.

Wade&Wendy - wade-wendy-img2 - Qubstudio

Trophies for gamifying user experience

The achievement system helps fill information quickly and securely, familiarizes talents with the product's functionality, and encourages deeper interaction in the recruiting process.

Wade&Wendy - wade-wendy-img3 - Qubstudio

It has been top-notch across all aspects. Qubstudio has successfully met the project requirements thus far. Their project management methods have proven to be effective, and their ability to work independently is noteworthy. They're a proactive and businesslike partner who is invested in the success of the business.

wade wendy author

Whit Walker

VP of Product, Wade & Wendy


As a result of the partnership with Wade & Wendy, our team helped them process more applications and thus increase company revenue.

We scaled their business by building more refined versions of three different platforms for talents, admins, and recruiters. The newly designed Wade & Wendy has reached an initial customer base of over 4000 users.

less time takes for a recruiter to prepare the vacancy
time reduction for qualifying candidates
candidates have found new jobs with Wade&Wendy over the last 6 months

Having been working with several companies that have gone through a transition to SaaS, we consider its benefits to a business.
Contact us for more information on how Qubstudio and Wade & Wendy work together.
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