A Team of devoted professionals that love their job and enjoy working together

It’s 20 of us today — and we’re hiring!

  • Sviatoslav Didukh UX/UI designer, PM
    When I studied International journalism at the university, all my free time had been devoted to my only one hobby - design. I joined qubstudio because I believe that turning your passion into a job is the right life strategy. Here you can breath freely and grow as a professional: individual initiative is always appreciated. I just do what I like the entire day - and they even pay me for this :).
  • Ilko Fedak Web Developer
    I was a first-year student of Lviv National Polytechnic University when I started to learn the basics of web development. At qubstudio you’re encouraged to master the latest technologies, not get hung up on old solutions. In the most complicated situations you can always find a way out: by yourself or together with the team. There is a special atmosphere of learning and cooperation at qubstudio - thanks to the people who work here.
  • Ustym Hanuliak Designer
    Previously I worked as a web designer in a small IT company. It was a desire for personal development that brought me to qubstudio. What do I like here most of all? Focus on the result, perhaps: each task receives detailed elaboration, regardless of whether this is a basic website or a complicated service with advanced functionality. The team always works hard but everybody finds time for self-development as well as entertainment. Opportunities to bring your own ideas to life are also important. And I enjoy the working process - full of insights and inspiration!

A Dream

Seven years ago Lyubomyr Koval, a web developer, and Victor Fedyuk, a designer and artist were sitting at the patio in one of Lviv’s many cosy coffee shops and discussing contemporary web design. It took less then two cups of coffee for them to find out that they share an opinion that most of the stuff which can be seen online could be much better - mainly from the efficiency point of view. This is how an idea to set up together an agency designing stuff that really makes difference emerged
Lyubomyr Koval, Co-founder, CEO
Victor Fedyuk, Co-founder, Art Director

A Code of Rules

“Anyone who has ever made anything
of importance was disciplined.”
- Andrew Hendrixson, Contemporary Artist
Efficiency over all
Being attractive is simply not enough. A good design must accomplish tasks along the lines of a general business model it is part of. That is why before we start sketching we try to understand clients business in depth, imagine lifestyle of the people who are going to use the product and study the available alternatives. The result must be a design that works.
Always improve
Back in the time when qubstudio was just founded, we made a promise to ourselves that each our work will be better than the previous one. You never stop learning: each project is instructive, each day brings new ideas and insights. Using this wealth in the right way means building an ultimate competitive advantage.
Keep it simple
Every design can be simplified further. We believe that beauty is born from simplicity of brilliant ideas, which seem so obvious the very next moment after you found them, but in fact involve lots of time and effort. Finding those little gems of harmony between the function and appearance is our short-term goal in every project, our guideline and motivation.
Wear your clients shoes
At qubstudio we want our design to work. This is why we are always aimed to understand your business, your customers, your dreams and desires. We won’t leave you alone before we feel that we are looking at the world with your eyes. Ask our clients why they come but never go somewhere else ;).
Long-term relationship
Design isn’t a service - it’s a way of living. It’s that part of your business that is always in view. Of your customers, of your partners, your employees, your family. Of you. That’s why hit-and-run is never an option. We do our job with years of future cooperation in mind. qubstudio is made to last.
Work with happy people
At qubstudio we use to hire giants. And a giant needs room! That is why our designers, engineers and managers have as much space as they need to experiment, learn, grow, play, communicate, create, relax and dream. We believe in self-motivation of smart and creative people. At the same time we know some secret techniques to keep everyone organised and deliver the results in time.
No bullshit!
Yep. As simple as that :).

An Exceptional Client

More than 200 projects for clients from 6 countries. Phew!
Shelf.io a software-as-a-service content management system. We needed help making our system more user-friendly and selected qubstudio as a partner. They also helped us with rebranding. We would like to highlight qubStudio's responsiveness, dedication and, most importantly, professionalism. Qubstudio has been a pleasure to work with. They are very responsive, professional, and on top of things.
Sedarius Tekara Perrotta
CEO and Founder at
What I particularly enjoyed in working with qubstudio is that these guys really try to develop a broader vision of your product, understand not only the visual aspect of it, but the entire business model and the story behind it. At a certain point it already seemed that they understand what I want better than me myself! Which is great - because you can relax, have a cup of tea and focus on some other work.
Yurij Riphyak
I had the privilege of working with qubstudio on several projects for Solid Media Group, and I don't hesitate to say they continue to amaze and deliver above and beyond expectations. Even under difficult conditions they deliver consistent high quality craftsmanship - on time, on budget.
Tor Karstensen
Novytec Ltd.

A Place that inspires

qubstudio is situated in the heart of Lviv’s IT quarter,
a short walk from the city’s stunning UNESCO-heritage downtown.

Work space

We are growing very fast. In 2015 we moved to a new extremely modern and creative open-space office. We’re constantly improving it in search of the right balance between the stimulating working atmosphere and silent cosy corners to relax and meditate.

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