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We start on Monday, and on Friday, you will review the new user interface for your product and recommendations for launching a redesign.

  • Deliverables:
  • Design mockups of core use flow
  • Recommendations for the next steps
  • Team:
  • Product Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Duration:
  • 5 days

What you’ll get:

We’ll identify a point of maximum impact for your product improvement, ideate new concepts, and polish one that delivers the expected results.

    Consept Sprint Service - Fresh Insight Infusion

    Fresh Insight Infusion: When You Need a New Perspective 

    If you find your team stuck in a creative rut, our Design Sprint Service can inject a fresh perspective, providing innovative solutions and novel approaches to revitalize your product.

    Consept Sprint Service -User Satisfaction Amplified

    User Satisfaction Amplified: Rescuing Products from Complaints

    When user feedback indicates dissatisfaction with your product, our Concept Sprint Service can help identify pain points and design effective solutions, ensuring improved user activation and reduced churn rates.

    Consept Sprint Service -Time Crunch Turnaround

    Time Crunch Turnaround: Refurbishing Rapid Releases

    For products released under tight deadlines that may have compromised design quality, our Concept Sprint Service offers a swift and efficient solution to enhance your product’s usability and visual appeal without disrupting your timeline.

    Consept Sprint Service -Trial Before Triumph

    Trial Before Triumph: Testing Waters with Concept Sprint Service

    If you’re considering collaborating with a Product Design agency but want to ensure compatibility before committing to a larger project, our Concept Sprint Service allows you to test our capabilities and approach, ensuring a win-win partnership.

Our Work in Action

Case 7 After
Case 7 Before

The first ever digital secretary designed to help people effectively filter incoming calls.

Case 4 After
Case 4 Before

A smart delivery platform for managing drivers, dispatching tasks, and tracking live goods delivery.

Case 6 After
Case 6 Before

Ukraine’s largest loyalty program for IT professionals, with discounts and gifts from program partners.

Case 1 After
Case 1 Before

A service for beauty professionals to manage client databases, create questionnaires, and organize schedules.

Case 3 After
Case 3 Before

An AI-powered platform empowering content teams to maximize the value of their existing content.

Case 8 After

Automated dashboarded data analytics tool (B2B SaaS) dedicated to increasing brands’ positioning on the market.

Case 11 After

A Digital, Mobile-Only Bank based in Bahrain, which is widely known as a digital pioneer in the MENA market.

Case 9 After

A platform with conversational AI chatbots to improve the hiring process and equip companies and people with insights and recommendations

Case 10 After

A mobile-only financial management platform that combines the functionality of credit cards, accounts aggregation, and a marketplace.

Case 13 After

An AI-based SaaS company that provides services for procurement leaders to find global suppliers faster and see deep insights to make confident buying decisions.

Case 14 After

A mobile banking app concept with savings, analytics, payments, and much more—everything in one place.

Our Process

Day 0


We always start by understanding you and your product’ needs to align expectations before delivery kicks off.  To facilitate productive discussion and identify areas to focus on, we recommend sharing the following documents with us:

  • Area (core use flow) to focus on
  • Brandbook
  • Product demo (video recording) or set of screenshots
  • List of main competitors
Day 1


We start our cooperation with a kick-off meeting to set the stage for further delivery and define expectations from both sides by diving deep into the product.  Afterward, workshops will follow (Yes/No map and Photo-persona) to solidify decision on the flow for redesigning that will create maximum value for end users. Work on mockups begins right afterward.

Day 2-3


Our Designer is focused on the concept creation for the identified user flow.

Day 4

Optional Interim Feedback

We provide the opportunity for an optional meeting to showcase the preliminary drafts and gather your feedback. Should you choose to join, we welcome your input to ensure our design aligns with your expectations. Alternatively, our team continues refining the mockups in preparation for the final presentation on Day 5.

Day 5

Final Presentation

The final concept is polished before we have a presentation where our team will showcase the results of our collaboration, transfer the deliverables, and identify potential next steps for product improvement.

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Their [Qubstudio] work perfectly reflects the vision we had at the start, helping us create an engaging and powerful application.
Sylvain Perez CEO of Q-Leap

Sylvain Perez CEO at Q-Leap

Their collaborative design process and technology allowed any edits to be implemented painlessly. Customers can expect a flexible, creative partner that always holds to design best practices.
Karen Winter - CTO at LinkIt!

Karen Winter CTO at LinkIt!

Qubstudio brings to bear
a world-class set of project management, design, and collaboration processes and tools critical towards ensuring fast-paced high-value application design.
Ralph Wagner - VP of Sales & Marketing at Quaeris

Ralph Wagner VP of Sales & Marketing at Quaeris

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How can I be sure that the Concept Sprint Service is right for me?

After analyzing the information you provide, our team will schedule a call to thoroughly discuss your goals and expectations. This will help both parties assess whether the Concept Sprint Service is appropriate for your current context.

What level of involvement is required from our team during the Concept Sprint Service?

Active participation from key stakeholders is crucial, as they will be required to attend meetings during the first and last days of service delivery. The primary focus will be on Day 1, which includes a kickoff meeting and workshops. Committing to this participation is essential to ensure that the Concept Sprint Service yields the desired and optimal results for your product. There is also an option to have a preliminary review of the design concept on Day 4 if you are up for it.

What do you mean by the “core user flow” in the scope of Concept Sprint Service?

By “core user flow,” we refer to 3-5 screens that constitute a vital aspect of the end-user experience within your product. Our focus is to enhance these key screens, addressing immediate user concerns and paving the way for future design improvements.

Can you create new features as part of the Concept Sprint Service?

No, the Concept Sprint Service focuses on enhancing specific flow within your existing product functionality. However, we offer comprehensive support for all design-related aspects through our Digital Product Design Services.

Is it possible to extend the Concept Sprint Service to generate more concepts?

Certainly, we can extend the Concept Sprint Service to generate additional concepts. Any changes to the service scope would require prior agreement, and adjustments to the price and timeline would be made accordingly.

What happens after the completion of the Concept Sprint Service?

After the Concept Sprint Service, you will receive design mockups for the improved flow, along with a list of recommendations for the next steps. If you choose to continue working with us, we can transition to adapting the whole design to new UI conventions through our Digital Product Design Services and subsequently handle the implementation through our Development Services.