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Design workshops

Design workshops are an essential part of creating a great product. They help product teams to gather and analyze critical information, inspiring for the best product decisions, and training empathy to the product’s customers.
1 week /
3 operational calls
UX/UI designer
Business analyst
Workshop delivery presentation
(depends on the workshops itself)

What will the process look like?

We will kick it off with a call to understand your goals for these workshops and your business altogether. This call will also help us to determine how we should compose our team. Afterward, the team will do their research and prepare for the workshop. Then we will conduct the workshop itself, create and present a delivery document with our results.
Step 1.

Kick off

Step 2.

Initial research

1-2 days

Step 3.

Workshop conduct

2-4 hours

Step 4.

Delivery presentation

When products need design workshops?

  • There is no product yet, only an idea that needs to be validated
  • The product is new and has not found their market fit yet
  • There is a high user drop-off rate or low consumption time
  • There is an idea to include new important feature into the product, and it needs to be validated as well

What workshops can you hold?

  • Value proposition creation
  • Lean canvas creation
  • Customer journey map creation
  • Brand archetype election
  • Design sprint

The results you could achieve in deciding to have design workshops professionally conducted for your team affect not only your vision of the current situation but also your ability to adequately design a further development plan by bringing new minds and competency into the conversation.

What else related do you do?

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients and help them every step of their way. After the branding stage, we can also:

Why should I choose to move forward with you?

We have significant experience in branding and UX/UI design for digital and offline companies worldwide. Using design methodologies and deep empathy, we help to create a user-friendly customer journey. In short, we make it easy for your customers to buy your product and have fun telling their people about it.