Qubstudio recognized as top UX agency

By Alina Yurenko

According to company’s independent rating, based on B2B research and customers reviews, Qubstudio was named one of the top UX agencies of 2016 worldwide.

About the rating

Clutch.co is a Washington based research company, that identifies top service providers and solutions in software development, marketing, design and related areas. By now Clutch has researched and reviewed 1000+ companies spanning 50+ market segments.
Recently Clutch has released its first report identifying leading user experience agencies.
Analysts reached out to user experience agencies around the world for this segment of their research. Top firms were selected based on a variety of criteria including market presence, company experience, industry recognition, and positive client reviews.

Leaders of 2016
The below companies have been selected as top 5 UX agencies worldwide:

  • Slide UX,
  • Brave UX,
  • Every Interaction,
  • Qubstudio,
  • Experience Dynamics.

Besides the Macoscope from Poland, Qubstudio is the only company from Central Europe, who got featured in this rating.

We would like to thank our amazing team, partners, and all of the clients who helped us to get here!

We are continuously working on polishing our skills and looking forward to expanding our area of expertise, so stay tuned for some exciting news very soon!

By Alina Yurenko Marketing @ Qubstudio

i do marketing, sales and organize large-scale tech conferences as a hobby

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