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KIVSH creative location, or how to create something totally new

Imagine that you have to make up a name and brand strategy for a new creative space in Lviv. The conception creating is still in progress. But you already know that it has to become the synergy center that can host “lyric poets” as well as “physicists” equally. You have to keep the sense of space combined with a progressive city development idea and its citizens. Not that easy? In Qubstudio, we had the same opinion, and that’s why we started doing that project with exceptional enthusiasm.

You see things; you say, 'Why?'
But I dream things that never were;
and I say 'Why not?'

KIVSH - kivsh-author - Qubstudio

George Bernard Shaw

Irish playwright and publicist, Nobel laureate

This creative space aims to become a comfortable and smart place for creative work, development, cool events, relaxation, and union of Lviv citizens. There are 10000 square meters of flexible commercial areas for IT companies, showrooms, laboratories, different schools, architectural, art, design, and music studios. It’s a new gallery and sports complex. It’s a place where the most important thing is a unique vibe of creation and participation that unites innovative people.

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KIVSH's vision is Lviv's creative potential realization and formation of a balanced innovative industry in Ukraine.

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KIVSH's mission is to unite creative people, take care of their synergetic development, be the center of events and location of transformation.

Because everything started with the transformation! One of the goals of the space is the revitalization of bankrupt Lviv Plant of Forklift (LPF)

This project is the one where we invested twice more time and resources into initial research than usual. Our work had three main directions: detailed LPF history research, Lviv’s creative potential estimation, and scrupulous study of the market of creative spaces in Ukraine and abroad. Two last directions were the most surprising, but the crucial one was the first.

The most interesting facts in research

The comfortable creative space is needed right now as Ukraine experiences a time of developing of the so-called new economy. It combines the creative economy, economy of knowledge, and the innovation economy. There are also the digital economy and the economy of impressions that occur on their crossing. This industry is developed by young professionals who desire an ecological working atmosphere that helps to create.

Interestingly, Lviv has the highest general rate of creative industry development and its balancing(1.48). According to the research of CEDOS, it outran Odesa (1.47), Kharkiv (1.09), Dnipro (0.93), and Kyiv (0.93). Also, Ukraine's cultural capital has the highest index of "civic activism, human-centered values, ​​and good governance." It proves our high creative potential. Lviv is growing and needs modern space for the development of the city and its citizens.

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We devoted a lot of time to studying the rational and emotional benefits of new space for Lviv citizens. To tell the truth, we were so fascinated by the high creative potential of our country and hometown that we expected a variety of concepts from the industry. We started analyzing the market with great enthusiasm and finished with great surprise.

It turned out that all the "creative spaces" in their direction can be divided into only three groups: typical coworking, business spaces, and creative studios.

If you want to create something extraordinary, think extraordinary

We were even more stunned by the names on the market. More than 70% contain the words “hub” or “space”, which automatically equates them with dozens of competitors. More than 40% contain the words “city”, “idea”, or “creative”. Creativity is the ability to make up something new. So said the glossary. And we decided to create something fundamentally different because to call a creative space just a creative space is uncreative.

Therefore, in creating the name, we have moved away from hype and Englishism and plunged into the past of space. So now our team can give lectures on LPF! We searched for instances everywhere until we were enlightened:

KIVSH. This space is like a bucket of one of the first forklifts models made on LPF. It holds, combines, lifts, and unloads.

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  • - brings companies together in thematic locations.
  • - is spacious and reliable. Its main purpose is to raise to a new level everything that comes to it: business, partnership, education, art, and even brawl parties.
  • - unloads after a working day.
  • - tons of impressions. It's breaking away!
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After all, time divides all names into obvious and understandable and incomprehensible but outstanding. Among the understandable are descriptive ones like "The World of Furniture".

Among the outstanding ones are "A-BA-BA-GA-LA-MA-GA" and "Kunsht". According to the method of researchers Meyers-Levy, J., Louie, T. A., & Curren, M. T., the most positive experience of the recipient is the "research" and "guessing" of the name. That's what happened to KIVSH.

First of all, KIVSH is a location

We have created a scalable descriptor that covers all the space functionality. KIVSH is, first of all, a location. And the kind of location depends on the context in which we talk about space.

KIVSH - location of business development, partnership, art, a brand new education, the city, and its innovations. This is a place for progressive companies wide open to transformations. KIVSH - location of wonders, location of discoveries, location of inspiration, location of meetings. In the evening, KIVSH turns into a location of crazy jolly. Here, Lviv residents have fun and relax at driving parties. This is the location of taste, the location of sport, and the location of knowledge.

KIVSH - kivsh-presentation - Qubstudio

A logo is a letter, a container, and a mark

KIVSH is a geometrically interesting word. We combined the letter K and the descriptor “creative location”. That's how the brand sign of space appeared. This is the first letter of the name, the map marker, and the container (bucket!).

There is a font inscription KIVSH in the full version of the logo under the sign. On posters, the logo can contain any subjects and also serve as a frame. Besides, we have created seamless patterns in bright corporate colors and navigation elements.

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Of course, to create something fundamentally new, you need the courage to think differently. At Qubstudio, we believe that the basis of creativity is divergent thinking. In other words, that is the ability to generate ideas in different directions. This path requires a lot of our resources, especially at the research stage. But that's how we find solutions that don't lie beneath the surface.

So let's gather together at KIVSH soon!

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