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Reimagining the UK Pioneer in Open Banking via Fresh Branding & Website Design
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London, UK
3 months

Ozone API empowers banks and financial institutions to adapt and thrive in the new world of open finance by providing the technology to unlock the power of open finance and change the world. The UK-based fintech is the leading standards-based open API platform, supporting all global standards, and providing the tools and expertise to help banks and financial institutions create real commercial value.

With a founding team that led the development of the UK open banking standards, Ozone API continues to shape open finance around the world, helping regulators, banks, and technology platforms to accelerate open finance. The Ozone API powers the open banking implementations of banks and financial institutions across the world, with a strong footprint in the UK, Europe, Latam and the Middle East, and clients such as Tide and Monese.

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Ozone API -  image-1 - Qubstudio

Our team’s collaboration with the UK-based fintech product began with a brief for a fresh new Ozone API brand and visual identity. Once we got stuck into the project, we also took on the website design and delivered a set of highly presentable patterns, animations, icons, covers for social networks, and email signatures.

Ozone API -  image-2 - Qubstudio

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Among techie and restrained brands, our joint goal was to create a corporate identity with a heart, reflecting the brand’s culture and global evolution. We conducted visual research, analyzed players in the field, and made a bold change in direction with an experimental fresh look & feel, though remaining simplistic, modern, yet timeless.

Ozone API -  image-6 - Qubstudio before

Ozone API -  image-7 - Qubstudio after

Behind the main logotype stands a symbolic idea—the formula of ozone, O3, representing the company’s name and the three solutions it provides. The formula is a simple but powerful tool that echoes corporate identity across all the brand touchpoints. The color palette is vibrant, warm, and balanced to portray Ozone API’s brand personality, thus helping the brand to stand out in the fintech industry.

Ozone API -  image-8 - Qubstudio

Website Design

Though we had a pretty challenging timeline—one month for the website design—our team worked in parallel with the development team to launch the Ozone API’s website on time. This was a fantastic collaborative effort and the client was thrilled with the end result.
The Ozone API website is unique, visually appealing, and easy to navigate.

Ozone API -  image-9 - Qubstudio

The website design has a vivid interface and is structured in modules, which altogether provides a fresh look and feel. To emphasize Ozone API's technological nature, we created a modular website design and presented the content in short blocks. The new brand comes to life with an animated header on the homepage, and the confident visual language continues across the website. The main page banners presenting Ozone API's software are separated by subject and color. The patterns are also grouped by areas: for company pages such as About Us, the team, and the new visually appealing blog.

Ozone API -  image-10 - Qubstudio

Across the website and other branded collateral such as the Google Slides template, the team integrated patterns with people, with code—for development and engineering, and with a magnifying glass and graphs—for analytics. The website launched seamlessly on deadline and we have future scopes of work planned to build upon the strong brand foundations created for Ozone API.

Ozone API -  image-11 - Qubstudio

Ozone API -  image-12 - Qubstudio

Ozone API -  image-13 - Qubstudio

We were very impressed by the team and their quality of work! Qubstudio delivered a new brand with a balanced, warm, yet striking color palette, logo, and visual identity that makes us stand out in the market. It has been a true partnership—we are all invested in the success of Ozone API's brand, and I look forward to working on future projects with the Qubstudio team.

Katie Hayes

Katie Hayes

Head of Marketing at Ozone API