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Bold Brand Identity for the Ukrainian Bureau of Furniture

44GROUP is a Ukrainian product design bureau that manufactures reusable and recyclable furniture for offices, schools, and homes. The company nurtures the culture of conscious consumption, not only creating furniture from scratch, but also renovating and restoring outdated items. 44SCHOOL and 44HOME are the company's two sub-brands.

Logo & Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Motion Design
Brand Designer
Communications Specialist
Art Director
Project Manager

Model of Cooperation
Fixed Price

6 months
44group project web design

In 2022, this project brought us the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award in Brands & Communication Design.

44 furniture design
44group brand design
44group branding design
44group reddot winner design
44group design
44group workspace design

The client outreached us to create a distinct and conspicuous visual identity to use on physical objects, specifically furniture. Thus, we provided the solution of making the brand remarkable with sharp and bold graphics and typography. However, adapting the visual identity for digital usage was crucial. And the solution for 44GROUP allowed us to enrich and scale the identity by adding some movement for digital usage.

workspace design for 44group

Adding In-Space Movement

A brand's corporate design needs a distinctive visual language, enabling it to be open to different contexts and realities but still preserving the brand's uniqueness. So our solution was a flexible logotype, patterns, and layouts, which outline the entire space and fill it to the maximum extent possible, thus easily used on physical and digital objects.

The brand's USP is working with smart space planning, and the logo displays it. Its elements — 44 and G, S, and H flexibly move within the set space, attaching the logo adaptability and multi-usage.

44group design solutions

Making the Brand Speak

The italics O in the descriptor displays motion, thus enhancing a visual connection with the logo. And expressive graphics combine with light and concise fonts.

Both the visual & verbal identity are vivid and meaningful, revealing in their best light with the help of dynamic logo, striking brand book, and brand catalog.

best design reddot winner 2022

To emerge as a winner is an excellent achievement. This distinction is synonymous with ground-breaking design par excellence.

44group design author

Professor Dr. Peter Zec

Founder and CEO of Red Dot