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Plvision branding

About the client

PLVision is a European provider of software engineering services in the Computer Networking and Internet of Things domains, empowering the world’s leading businesses to stay at the forefront of technology.

The company offers design, implementation, and deployment of complex full-stack solutions for a variety of industries, utilizing extensive cross-domain expertise. Headquartered in Kraków, Poland, the company has development centers in Lviv and Odesa, Ukraine, with a team of about 140 highly qualified professionals.

About the Project

After acquiring Ostware Services, networking software engineering and test automation services company, PlVision have been working on new global marketing strategy. As a part of it, Qubstudio helped by creating new brand identity.

In collaboration with PlVision marketing team, we created new brand identity design. New corporate identity reflects the company’s strategic positioning as an innovation engine for customers’ products and businesses, enabling a vision of progressive leadership through future-ready connectivity.



Target Audience

  • 30—50+
  • Top managers
  • Premium quality
  • Interested in results
  • (numbers & facts)
  • 21 — 35
  • Modern
  • Tech-savvy
  • Ambitious
  • Growth


  • Customizable
  • Flexible
  • Dynamic
  • Experience
  • Talent Pool
  • Company culture


  • Innovation
  • Future - forward
  • Openness
  • Friendliness
  • Communicative
  • Modern
  • Technology

Emotional Traits

  • Openness
  • Friendliness
  • Rationality
  • Experience

Moodboard and Sketching

Plvision branding - sketchbook - Qubstudio
Plvision branding - plvision-br-img1 - Qubstudio

Final Visual Brand Identity

Plvision branding - branding - Qubstudio


  • — Geometric Shapes (regular & irregular)
  • — Symmetry
  • — Repetition
  • — Modularity
  • — Technological
  • — Sharp
  • — Premium


  • — Blue-dominant scheme
  • — Warm/bright accent colors
  • — Innovation


  • — Overlapping
  • — Building
  • — Continuous line
  • — Friendliness (round shapes)
  • — Talent pool
  • — Diversity
  • — Customization

Marketing materials

Thanks to extensive and dynamic branding, it's easy to create all kinds of materials for conferences, road shows, marketing purposes and more.

Plvision branding - materials-img2 - Qubstudio
Plvision branding - materials-img1 - Qubstudio
Plvision branding - materials-img3 - Qubstudio
Plvision branding - materials-img4 - Qubstudio

Branding in action

Plvision branding - plv-dribble-shot - Qubstudio
Plvision branding - branding-img2 - Qubstudio Plvision branding - branding-img3 - Qubstudio
Branding elements were used in impressive «Connectivity of Tomorrow» video, created by PlVision in collaboration with And Action

Office navigation

As an extension of our brand identity services, we also tried ourselves in new exciting role, creating office design style and navigation for new impressive PlVision HQ.

Project summary


3 months


Project Manager
Art Director
Graphic Designer


Ukraine, Lviv

Client’s Feedback

It was a pleasure to work on a number of important projects with Qubstudio's designers, who possess a progressive and creative vision. We were delighted with their out-of-the box thinking and great ideas. Our marketing team has been receiving timely and accurate help from these guys, even on aggressive schedules, so we appreciate our ongoing collaboration with this firm.

Lidia Ugryn

Digital Marketing Manager