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Re-branding for Ai-based SaaS company

scoutbee is an
AI-driven platform

that connects
purchasers with
suppliers from all over the world

scoutbee is a sage

The sage brand archetype is subtle and measured in look, motion and words.
We found a direct symbol for it via several brand identity design iterations.

brand name

With a sense of magic

As a branding company, we designed a set of colorful patterns that represent brand positioning, data points, information and progression.

branding agency

For team members who are heroes

scoutbee brand cards represent the different skills and personalities in the scoutbee beehive

branding company

Who share their experiences

In both formal and informal ways

scoutbees are likeable nerds

With a sense of sharing, not competing

brand positioning
corporate identity

Professional growth, hobbies, leisure, and challenges

That’s the growth formula of scoutbee brand positioning

They love
their job

And don’t forget about formal part of corporate identity

brand image
Scoutbee - scoutbee-img1 - Qubstudio

Or data

scoutbee brings
futuristic changes to the procurement industry

Scoutbee - scoutbee-rollup - Qubstudio


Scoutbee - scoutbee-car - Qubstudio
Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen1 - Qubstudio Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen2 - Qubstudio
Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen3 - Qubstudio Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen4 - Qubstudio
Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen5 - Qubstudio Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen17 - Qubstudio
Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen7 - Qubstudio Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen8 - Qubstudio
Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen9 - Qubstudio Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen10 - Qubstudio
Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen11 - Qubstudio Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen12 - Qubstudio
Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen13 - Qubstudio Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen14 - Qubstudio
Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen15 - Qubstudio Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen16 - Qubstudio
Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen6 - Qubstudio Scoutbee - scoutbee-screen18 - Qubstudio

Launching the new brand image!

We found QubStudio through their Dribbble profile and visited their office for a workshop. Their in-depth discovery session of our project impressed us, especially for its insights and productivity.

Their approach completely caters to our needs. During the project, we have gapless communication, both in calls and in-person meetings. QubStudio dedicated their professionalism and efforts to our project such that working together feels like being a single team.

Scoutbee - scoutbee-photo - Qubstudio

Timo Appelmann

Chief Product Owner, scoutbee GmbH

We empower the logistics industry with comprehensive design solutions.

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Project summary

Logo Design
Graphic design
Visual communications
Project Manager
Art Director
Graphic Designer
2 months
Wurzburg, Germany