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A newly packed entrant launches the US CBD market
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Unabis is a freshly established brand in the CBD industry. It provides full-spectrum products with cannabidiol for preventive self-care. Though the market is new, it’s already full of CBD brands.

Our team began with in-depth market research and provided the full design cycle for the client. Alongside designing the packaging, we created Unabis brand strategy & communications and website design with copywriting. We packed the product and brought it to the market as a totally distinctive one.

Vigor. Relief. Delight.

According to the FDA, putting medical or treatment marks on the supplementary product’s packaging is restricted. However, the aim was for clients to associate the product with therapeutic properties. So we kept the balance between the medical and supplementary image and used the communicative platform: Vigor. Relief. Delight.

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Our team created the design system together with the brandbook that helps to save the brand holism. Alongside, Unabis got a fruity, cartoon-like, and inspiring-to-buy packaging design, displaying the richness of tastes. The diversity of vivid packaging strengthens brand recognition & product awareness, forming a coherent brand image. Contrary to other CBD brands with dark and dim designs, Unabis visual identity stands out, looking juicy yet minimalistic.

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Working on this project proved once again the importance of researching. Though the market is relatively young, it is already oversaturated with CBD brands and is expected to reach $13.39 billion in 2024. However, we didn’t want to create one more typical CBD brand, interesting only for Millenials. So the competitor analysis was crucial for defining the problem and providing the best solution for all age groups.

Vasylyna Katsma - Project Manager

Vasylyna Katsma

Project Manager

Brand strategy &
Brand identity
Packaging design

Website design &
Graphic designer
Brand strategist
Сommunicative strategist
UX/UI designer
Project manager

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