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Qubstudio’s 2018 in the things we will always remember


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Qubstudio’s 2018 in the things we will always remember - Qubstudio

The festive days around the New Year’s Eve are the perfect time to take a moment and look back on what you’ve accomplished and experienced in the year to end. 2018 was a very productive year for the Qubstudio team. We’ve challenged ourselves with new projects, participated in prestigious competitions and (spoiler alert!) won some of them. Come, let’s take a look at Qubstudio’s achievements in 2018 together.

Qubstudio’s 2018 in the things we will always remember - qubstudio_we_nailed_it - Qubstudio

We Nailed It

Clutch Global Leader in UX/UI Services

Customer recognition is the best proof of the company’s excellence. That’s why Qubstudio is so proud to be listed among the top UX/UI agencies reviewed on Clutch. Only the most recommended companies get the award, so being honored in the leaders’ list feels fantastic. And for the third year in a row, we have been recognized by Clutch as a Global Leader in UX/UI Services. Moreover, with sixteen positive reviews from our customers on Clutch, Qubstudio ranks among the Top 10 User Experience Agencies and stands at the ninth position in the Leaders Matrix.

Clutch Global Leader in UX/UI Services

Clutch is an independent and impartial resource that provides a transparent feedback system on UX/UI companies‘ performance. That’s why our potential customers will only find honest reviews on Qubstudio’s profile.

quote scoutbee
workbooking review on qubstudio services
qubstudio quote klip
pragma review on qubstudio services
qubstudio quote go to-u

Ukrainian Design Awards

Four of our projects were recognized at Ukrainian Design: The Very Best of 2018. The award marks the excellence of the winners’ services and shows that their ideas are outstanding and original.

Ukrainian Design Awards

Celentano Pizza, one of the largest Ukrainian branches of restaurants with a 20-year history, is the first award-winning project. The Qubstudio team built a new identity for the brand, diving deep into the restaurant’s traditions and pizza basics. Thanks to our in-depth research and creativity, the project was aced and rewarded with the title “The Very Best of 2018.”

You know the saying: “One banana per day makes a day with banana.” If you don’t, then you clearly haven’t heard the official motto of our 365 Banana Challenge.

If Eve did give fruit to Adam, it must have been a banana. We can’t state for sure, but we like to sprinkle creativity on trivial things. Qubstudio’s unusual approach helped us manage an innovative Instagram page filled with bananas in all shapes, sizes and scenarios. A new day — a new banana in different projections and various roles. Who wouldn’t give this yellow buddy an award?

The third recognition comes for our cooperation with Klip, a Finland-based social platform. It allows users to make videos answering questions about themselves and share them with the network to find a perfect match. The platform is youth-oriented, so it required a bright and engaging design. Qubstudio aligned with the project’s mood and created the ideal fun and joyful environment for millennials to meet new people.

Qubstudio’s customer To-U is a community of eco-focused people who care about the environment. Together, we created the To-U application that helps electric car drivers find the nearest charging stations or even book charging points all over Ukraine. The Qubstudio team took care of the drivers’ security and made a futuristic black interface that wouldn’t distract their attention from the road. The design is so elegant and user-friendly that the Ukrainian Design experts couldn’t help but recognize it.

Qubstudio We Rock

Qubstudio We Rock

We Rock


2018 is marked with the diversity in client profiles, new domains, competencies, focus areas and projects. This year, the Qubstudio team worked on numerous social and FinTech projects, including mobile wallets, ICO landing pages, eCommerce and lending applications. We designed solutions for logistics, healthcare, entertainment, supply chain and other sectors. All-in-all, our designers implemented bold ideas, making the customers’ vision a reality.

Qubstudio’s professionals push the limits of their potential to cope with the ever-growing challenges. Here are some numbers from 2018:

  • we’ve aced over 70 projects
  • we’ve cooperated with 40 clients
  • we’ve added 16 professionals to the team


Guess who’s got a new Chief Executive Officer?

Meet Nadia Lushchak, our new CEO that joined Qubstudio this year. With five years of hands-on experience as a Project Manager and background in Innovation Management, Nadia successfully plans and oversees the implementation of the company’s business strategy. She aims to boost Qubstudio’s operational activities and take the company to the next level of efficiency.

Nadia has successfully managed and delivered over 50 projects while getting a Ph.D. Along with managing Qubstudio, she also teaches management-oriented subjects at a university. You could have met Nadia at Web Summit 2018, networking and grasping ideas. She loved the experience, and in the upcoming year, we plan to attend more conferences to dive deeper into the designers’ community from across the globe.

Qubstudio’s 2018 in the things we will always remember - qubstudio illustrations-08 - Qubstudio

Nadia takes inspiration from Jurgen Apello, a top keynote speaker and writer who pioneers innovative approaches to management — Management 3.0. Her favorite thoughts are:


Manage the system, not people.

“I work to make Qubstudio the “power place” for all of you. The company is meant to inspire its people to implement the boldest ideas, continuously improve themselves and create unique, amazing things. Forget about micromanagement; together, we will work to achieve the ultimate goal and the highest results for each project.”


The purpose of managers is to make the organization valuable for people and the planet.

“The two values I cherish most are:

  • Trust. First of all, you have to trust yourself as well as believe that “impossible is nothing” if you stick to your values and beliefs. Second, there has to be mutual trust in the team, understanding that you can always turn to each other for advice and support or even criticism if it helps you do a better job.
  • Frankness. Managers have to be frank with the team; the team has to be frank with the customer. People have to be open to dialog and changes.”


Qubstudio’s 2018 in the things we will always remember - qubstudio_2018_geography - Qubstudio

Our customer base has become even more distributed this year: we’ve partnered with companies from the UK, Jordan, Kuwait, Israel, the USA as well as the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Austria and Switzerland.

Qubstudio’s 2018 in the things we will always remember - qubstudio_we_enlighten - Qubstudio

We Enlighten

One of the main educational events at Qubstudio this year was the launch of the second internship in the company. The first internship was a big hit in 2017 with dozens of applicants, so launching the second course was a natural decision.

This year, we’ve picked out four lucky design-newbies to teach them everything we know and help become pros. Each intern was assigned a mentor who had been assisting the padawan in learning design basics on real-life projects for two months.

The course was aimed to help talented people develop their skills. It’s also a win-win for promising startups who let our interns do their design free of charge. We invite companies to cooperate with us in future internships. The interns will receive priceless experience while you will get excellent design solutions for free in return. How cool is that?

The Qubstudio experts are always ready to share their knowledge and gain new experiences. That’s why you could have seen our specialists speaking, conducting workshops or learning at:

qustudio team design village
Design Village 2018, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
qubstudio krupa conference
Krupa, Kyiv, Ukraine
qubstudio team on web summit
Web Summit 2018, Lisboa, Portugal
digital design days offf 2018
Digital Design Days 2018, Milano, Italy

We’ve also published a blog post entitled “5 Key Points of Successful Product Design” in the ITID Lviv magazine. It includes an interview with the company’s co-founder Lyubomyr and art director Viktor who share valuable insights on how to create a design that can help businesses stand out and make a difference for the users.

Our New Year’s Resolutions

Our New Year’s Resolutions

  • 2018 was amazing, but we’re hoping 2019 to be twice as successful. New awards, positive reviews and top listings — that’s all we need from Santa.
  • Sharing is caring, and we’re not going to stop with our educational initiatives. We plan to share as much insight as we can with the people thirsty for knowledge: speaking at conferences, networking at events, mentoring internships.
  • We’re expecting to expand our team to 50+ experts.
  • We’d love to partner with more customers worldwide, adding new countries to the customer locations map.
  • We firmly believe that any interaction should inspire. That’s why we will take 2019 to become the better versions of ourselves. This year, we plan to expand our expertise, its versatility and flexibility – all to create simple and beautiful experiences.

2018 was a fantastic year!
And now, cheers to 2019!

Qubstudio’s 2018 in the things we will always remember - qubstudio_team - Qubstudio