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Transforming 90’s-style pizza restaurant network into a place for celebrating any occasion!

Catching trends

Celentano Pizza holds a chain of 150+ pizza restaurants and since the 90s they’ve gained a national trust and recognition.

As the market is constantly changing, Celentano brand has undergone lots of changes during 20 years. Being a wide-spread franchise they faced unclearness of communication strategy as well as brand inconsistency. That’s how they decided to build a brand that will catch the modern trends while making use of the existing recognition.

Building a brand identity

Our team formalized a new brand-core “Celentano — a small party”, and developed a communication model. Building a new brand identity, we dived deep into the basics of pizza. The recipes, cooking, history, Italian mentality — those are components of the special taste.

Then we change logo design. It has to be more flexible and yet keep the brand recognizable. With the new brand positioning and updated style elements, Celentano becomes not only a consistent brand, but also a place full of family stories.

Celentano - celentano-logo-img1 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-logo-img2 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-logo-img3 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-img1 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-logo-img4 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-logo-img5 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-logo-img6 - Qubstudio

Celebrate any occasion

Convert any day into a small holiday, celebrate anything!
This is the core idea of new brand identity for pizzeria chain.

Celentano - celentano-celebrate-img1 - Qubstudio Celentano - celentano-celebrate-img4 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-celebrate-img2 - Qubstudio Celentano - celentano-celebrate-img5 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-celebrate-img3 - Qubstudio Celentano - celentano-celebrate-img6 - Qubstudio
Celentano - graphics-green - Qubstudio Celentano - celentano-circle - Qubstudio Celentano - graphics-red - Qubstudio


Celentano - celentano-img2 - Qubstudio Celentano - celentano-img2-dots - Qubstudio


Celentano - celentano-img3-back - Qubstudio Celentano - celentano-img3-front - Qubstudio

are coming!

Celentano - celentano-img4 - Qubstudio Celentano - celentano-img4-front - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-menu-img1 - Qubstudio

It’s a rainy day

Celentano - celentano-menu-img2 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-navigation - Qubstudio Celentano - celentano-navigation - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-awezzome - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-img5 - Qubstudio Celentano - celentano-img5-front - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-img6 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-gallery-img1 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-gallery-img2 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-gallery-img3 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-gallery-img4 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-gallery-img5 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-gallery-img6 - Qubstudio
Celentano - celentano-gallery-img7 - Qubstudio
celentano - gallery-img8 - Qubstudio

Project summary

Brand Idenity Update
Logo Design
2 months
2 Graphic Designers
Ukraine, Lviv

The Best Of 2018

Recently new Celentano branding design for Italian Restaurant was recognized by Ukrainian Design Awards as The Best Of 2018