Our software engineers work hand-in-hand with designers to develop cutting-edge experiences. Working as one team, we ensure that the products we deliver to our clients are perfect from experience, design and technology perspectives.

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Functional Prototype

It's a technical foundation for final product

It's a technical foundation for final product. Design prototype is perfect for user feedback or investor demo session, but as you get ready to build real functioning product, HTML prototype is a good base for final code right from the start, saving you time and energy. It's also platform independent, so if you're not sure about all platforms yet, or need it to work just as good anywhere, it's your best shot: you can test your prototype on literally any OS or device.

Design Language

It allows a team of designers, developers and product owners to create, recreate, modify or iterate on a product in a quick and cost-efficient way, along the way securing consistency and intuitiveness for users.

Component Kit

The component (UI) kit is a set of visual components, ready to use for building interfaces within one design language.

Layouts - HTML templates

To kick off your product development, our developers implement design mockups in clean, responsive and beautiful inside out HTML/CSS/Javascript templates.

Functional Prototype

Custom Software Development

Specific business needs and processes

Our team of business analysts, designers and engineers have a proven track record of developing software, tailored to specific business needs and processes, starting with lean and effective web apps to meet particular business need, and ending up guiding enterprises through full digital transformation.

Front-End Applications

We help our clients create attractive and engaging applications, that are intuitive and easy to use on the outside, as well as stable and reliable inside.

Cloud Hosting

Our engineers deploy your software to AWS and Google Cloud, so that it can scale seamlessly along with your business and provide your customers the best experience, wherever they are in the world

Database development

We help you use data to work smarter and discover new opportunities, utilizing SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, depending on project specifics.


We believe in providing exceptional services and keen tech solutions to all our clients – regardless of the size, nature or volume of their business. Our API engineers utilize deep knowledge of object classes, cloud architecture solutions, data structures and other essential API routines to integrate scalable, robust and future solutions for your API business needs. More specifically, we provide:

  • - API development for mobile applications
  • - API development for web-based services

Dashboards and Systems

Put the right tools in the right hands to help everyone in your business work more efficiently.


  • - Automate software deployment using continuous integration and continuous delivery practices
  • - Get the right data storage that fits for your budget, capacity, and performance needs
  • - Set up and configure your server infrastructure
  • - Manage, configure and deploy applications in cloud infrastructure.
Custom Software Development

Mobile App Development

BuildI cross-platform apps

Our experience-based mobile app development process allows us to build cross-platform apps, saving you time, money, and energy to focus on your business, instead of technical details. We build mobile apps using React Native, a revolutionary framework built by Facebook in 2015. React Native allows us to build iOS and Android apps using just one code base. This reduces the time and costs to build cross-platform apps by 50% or more, without sacrificing speed or quality.

Mobile App Development

Web App Development

Design look & feel

We build modern web applications of all shapes and sizes using the latest technologies, with focus on meeting your business goals, user experience and performance. Our development team has over 7 years of combined web app development experience, from quick and lean web apps to complex online marketplaces and custom business software. Whatever your project idea is, you can count on us for experience, optimized timeline and effective collaboration.

CMS development

Make your website lively, flexible and easy to maintain with popular and scalable CMS solutions: October CMS and WordPress.


Our team of developers has a proven track of record building, launching and grow profitable online stores in domains like sports & lifestyle, entertainment, fashion & luxury goods and more.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Our QA engineers test products at each stage of development, to ensure they behave as designed and meet project specification, as well as business and user requirements.

Web App Development

Benefits of full cycle project team

Get complete responsibility

By choosing one professional team to handle full project scope, you get one contract, one contact point and one team, responsible for making all project parts run together like clockwork.

Quality project management

Unlike outstaffing companies, we commit to offering you complete and working solution, rather than man hours. Focus on your business and leave technical implementation to us.

Team synergy

Our designers are tech savvy, and our engineers hate bad user experience. Designers are keeping an eye on a product until it's launched and even further, and engineers get onboard as soon as discovery phase to help build and improve architecture solutions.

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Creativity is our passion, but it doesn't come first as we create roadmap for our projects. Creativity without strategy is art, so let's leave it to artists. We create products that work for your business, satisfy your users' needs and look beautiful — just like that.

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