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Simple Branding

For a young product, branding is not essential, however still a perfect way to inspire the team and investors to rocket launch your product. We will help you create the perfect visual identity of your business in just under a month. Heck, we can even come up with a great name if you're up for it.
3-4 weeks
Brand Designer
Project Manager
3 visual identity concepts
3 pieces of collateral (business card, email template, mug, etc.)

What will the process look like?

We'll kick off our project with a strategic session on your product and sense of design. Then we'll go and create three visual style ideas by using our designer magic. Afterward, you could pick one of the presented three concepts or go for another round of updates. When the visual style is approved, we'll move forward with collateral and brandbook creation.
1st week

Strategic session

1st and
2nd week

Visual concepts design & presentation

3rd week

Collateral & brandbook design

What else related to branding do you do?

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients and help them every step of their way. After the branding stage, we can also: