Express Branding

Simple branding is a perfect way to inspire the team to rocket launch your product or re-imagine it. We will help you to create the perfect visual identity of your business just in a week, heck we can even come up with a great name as well. We will do that fast and at an attractive price and with one condition - you have to trust our specialists' experience and accept the concepts without corrections.
1-2 weeks /
3 operational calls
Art Lead,
Graphic designer
Brand strategist
Color palette & typeface
Corporate pattern
3 key visuals

What will the process look like?

We will have three meetings in the scope of our process. First, we will meet to kick off our project. Then we'll present you with your brand new logo and congratulate you on the make-over. Finally, we will have the final delivery presentation, where we will show you all elements of your unique corporate identity.
1st week

Kick off

2 hours

Initial research and Logo creation

5 days

Logo presentation

2 hours

2nd week

Corporate identity creation

2-4 days

Corporate identity presentation

2 hours

But how about the edits?

We will be happy to continue working with you at our usual rate. We’ll do everything that is not included in the standard package: make changes, develop new identity elements, create brand and communication strategy.

What else related to branding do you do?

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients and help them every step of their way. After the branding stage, we can also:

Why should I choose to move forward with you?

We have significant experience in branding and UX/UI design for digital and offline companies worldwide. Using design methodologies and deep empathy, we help to create a user-friendly customer journey. In short, we make it easy for your customers to buy your product and have fun telling their people about it.