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Espresso proposals

What can we do for you while you drink coffee?

We love young digital products and know that sometimes there is just no time to waste on long ideations and discoveries. Especially when there is so much at stake and on the fork. That's why we created short proposals, on essentials for startups services, that take no longer than a week so that nothing could set you back.

UX/UI Review

UX review is the best way to improve your product in the shortest term. We will help you put your product back on the right track and create a competitive product that meets your business goals and expands your market coverage. We will assess its current state and see what's hampering your business success.
5 - 7 days /
2 hours call
UX/UI designer
Business analyst
Recommendations on further improvement of the product

Express Branding

Simple branding is a perfect way to inspire the team to rocket launch your product or re-imagine it. We will help you to create the perfect visual identity of your business just in a week, heck we can even come up with a great name as well. We will do that fast and at an attractive price and with one condition - you have to trust our specialists' experience and accept the concepts without corrections.
1-2 weeks /
3 operational calls
Art Lead,
Graphic designer,
Brand strategist
Color palette & typeface,
Corporate pattern,
3 key visuals

Design Workshops

Design workshops are an essential part of creating a great product. They help us to gather and analyze critical information, inspiring for the best product decisions, and training empathy to the product’s customers.

  • - Value proposition creation
  • - Lean canvas creation
  • - Customer journey map creation
  • - Brand archetype election
  • - Design sprint
1 week /
3 operational calls
UX/UI designer,
Business analyst
Workshop delivery presentation
(depends on the workshops itself)