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Bear Flag Robotics

Branding for a technology startup, that develops autonomous driving tractors for farmers.

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Autonomous tractor fleet saves time and money, increases job safety, and provides analytics for making better decisions each season.

Regular customers

Typical farmers are between 45 and 65 years old, wear casual clothes, and don’t know high technologies well. Still they are looking for new ways to grow their business.
We added a decent character impression in logo and found out colors to bring friendly technology to farmers not involved in robotics.


Bear, California main symbol, is the core of brand image. Logo combines robotics, fields, agriculture and high-technologies in single sign. It consists of bear head profile on stripped flag background.

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Bear Flag Robotics - bear-flag-robotics-old-logo - Qubstudio


Bear Flag Robotics - bear-flag-robotics-new-logo - Qubstudio


Strong identity is represented by two precisely-tuned colors

Reddish Orange
Blue Gray
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Bear Flag Robotics alleviates the existing farm labor shortage with automation technology, providing an alternative to human labor that will cost the farmer a fraction of what they spend on labor today.

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Autonomous tractor fleet can be controlled with an app by a single operator during day or night.

This saves farmers costs and time, and allows to allocate efforts more accurately in safer workspace.

Partner Deck

Necessary information for Equipment Dealerships, Technology Suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers was collected in single document.

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Customer materials

Rollups provide basic information on startup and technology;
Takeaways provide explanations for most frequently asked questions.

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Bear Flag Robotics - bear-flag-robotics-screen-leaflet - Qubstudio

Backed by True Ventures, Bear Flag Robotics work for the the future of farming. Designing for mission-driven companies is always an extra doze of inspiration and responsibility.

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Project summary


Logo Design
Presentation Design
Marketing Materials


Project Manager
2 Graphic Designers


1 month


California, USA