The Client

ADAMAS is a jewellery company founded in 1993 and based in Lviv, Ukraine. The main Brand values are family relations, national traditions, product quality, inspiration to give, love, appreciate.

The Project

Like jewelers, our team worked diligently on creating the identity which represents brand values and could be flexible for using in all needed cases: packaging, advertisement, interiors and web.

Creative Process

Analysis and Sketches

Dozens ideas and sketches of the type and the sign were made to find the right concept - luxury, national, laconic, readible one.

Final Design


This geometric sign includes many important symbols: a diamond, letter A (Adamas), and an element from vyshyvanka, traditional ukrainian clothes.


It is delicate, high-contrast serif font, made for Adamas. Like engravers we worked on these letters scrupulously since in typography, like in jewelry, every detail matters.

Few of versions

Special Patterns

We created a set of patterns based on the Logomark. There are different variations from multipurpose and straightforward to special seasonal patterns. This significant graphic element implements a branding in packaging, advertisement, and interior.

Color Palette

We were inspired by Ukrainian neckless corali and coral colors. Finally, the perfect couple was chosen - soft light pink and cold stone gray. Great to use as a gifts packaging for someone special ;)


Every single detail that surrounds jewelry needs to be perfect. Packaging, documents, interiors should work for enjoying special moments of your life.



3 months


Project Manager
Art Director
Graphic Designer


Ukraine, Lviv

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