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Enhancing the connection between clinics and patients

Ademrius is an international SaaS solution that helps clinics, healthcare professionals, and patients with online appointment-booking, telemedicine, and electronic medical records. We designed the platform, created a visual identity and marketing website.

Ademrius, London, UK

Ademrius - ademrius-cover__img - Qubstudio

We delved deep into the SaaS solution's value

We started creating a digital product design from market problems and trends research to outline market threats & opportunities, the same as to define the most significant healthcare providers' and patients' problems. Research insights enabled our team to build problem-oriented product features along with product hypothesis.

Hypothesis validation via user interviews and healthcare professionals focus groups, enforced with versatile competitors research, gave us a clear vision of Ademrius' unique value proposition. With a deep understanding of product value, we embodied this vision in fitting patients' & healthcare providers' lifestyle solutions.

Ademrius - ademrius-diagram - Qubstudio

Helping the healthcare provider organize processes

It seemed a real challenge to consolidate all the needed healthcare provider roles in one place, the same as to reflect their everyday working processes digitally. With a deep understanding of user needs, product management principles, and UX heuristics, we came up with a comprehensive and matching the real-world system. It covers all core challenges of the doctor's and clinic's everyday routine.

Features enabled
User flows designed
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And assisting patients to get quality medical services wherever they are

Patients often postpone a visit to the doctor due to a lack of time or difficulty making an appointment. Visiting unfriendly clinic walls also does not motivate them. To reduce this negative load, we walked through the patient's journey and eliminated all extra miles & routines to make health recovery management as comfortable and remote as possible.

Features enabled
User flows designed
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We created a friendly face of a human-centered platform

It took only two weeks for our graphic department to perform research, test several visual concepts, and create a friendly but reliable brand identity, reflecting the human-centered solution's essence.

Ademrius - ademrius-img4 - Qubstudio

And embodied the benefits on a marketing website

We created a clear and engaging website in tight collaboration with marketing and development teams. Our top priority was catchy and straightforward visual messages as the most efficient way to communicate product benefits. And you can already check them on

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Ademrius - ademrius-img6 - Qubstudio
Ademrius - ademrius-img5 - Qubstudio

It was truly comfortable for us to work with the Qubstudio team. In this close collaboration, we experienced a full-cycle product design process. Thanks to the skilled and productive team, the system prototype was ready for testing and development in two months' whole.

Vol Strohush - CEO Ademrius

Vol Strohush

CEO Ademrius

Art director
Lead UX/UI designer
UX/UI designer
Business analyst
Graphic designer
3 months
London, UK
Product Vision Document
Prototypes and UI Designs
Design System
Brand Identity
Collateral Materials
Pitch deck