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Qubstudio team constructed an offline and online branding for public speaking training centre.

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Helping to deliver vibrant speeches

Public speaking has become an inevitable horror story for too many people these days. Agrus Public Speaking school’s new branding purpose is to show that it’s possible and also important to deal with public speaking anxiety, learn how to express thoughts, present and persuade.

The new branding should motivate and empower people to become assertive speakers. Qubstudio designers actually took the school’s public speaking course to wear the client’s shoes

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individual’s thought
Agrus - agrus-dialogue-2 - Qubstudio
individual’s conversation
Agrus - agrus-dialogue-3 - Qubstudio
Conversation after
taking Agrus courses
online branding
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Branded Diplomas and Gift Certificates

Сertificates of diplomas and gift certificates
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Keep Warm and Speak On
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ux ui agency
ui ux design agency
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branding online
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branding agency

From now on we’re "Agrus. The Word Mastery".

However, the new branding isn’t just color and name change. It’s a complete team transformation for us. We’ve reevaluated our experience and see the world and market in it, which challenges people in new ways every single day.

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Iryna Snitynska

CEO, "Agrus. The Word Mastery"

Project summary

Logo Design
Presentation Design
Marketing Materials
Project Manager
2 Graphic Designers
1 month
Lviv, Ukraine