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Aurora is an independent system for locating, analyzing, and evaluating investment opportunities. The innovative tool provides data-driven investment ideas and portfolio control that’s easy to use for individual, independent investors.

Aurora covers over 60 markets, 50 indices, 100 manufacturing industries, 6,000 shares, and 15,000 investment funds.

DIY for independent investors

Aurora takes advantage of theScreener methodology from Switzerland, analyzes dozens of factors and simplifies the complex financial process of investment decision making.

It empowers investors without a strong financial background effortlessly identify investment ideas, set up your investment portfolio, and simulate your investment plans. Moreover, the pressure and cost of working with financial advisors is now gone. It empowers individuals to gain full control over their finances.

We innovate in the financial sector, from blockchain to payments.

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Aurora global market page design
Aurora Industry filter design
Aurora web dashboard funds
aurora stock page design

Explore markets, industries, funds and stocks

Aurora presents a simple and clear matrix that makes it easy to analyze data, compare it, and make a data-driven decision. Prior knowledge of a particular stock is not needed.

Global Evaluation System

A quick, simple, and yet accurate estimate of stocks and investment funds.
It combines financial and technical analysis (valuation, profit adjustments, technical factors, group benchmarking).

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Analyze stocks

A thorough asset analysis is provided on one screen. In addition to global evaluation system, Aurora provides more statistics. Each of the four stars represents a segment of financial metrics analyzed. Earnings Revision Trend indicates whether the EPS were ascending or descending during the past seven weeks.

stock overview page design

Stock Overview

Icons design for Aurora

Valuation Rating indicates growth to the price-earnings ratio that allows individual investors to quickly see which assets are undervalued and which ones are overvalued.

The midterm technical trend indicates how positive or negative the market (buying/selling) tendencies of a stock is.

4-week relative performance measures the performance of a stock relative to its national index (compared to four weeks ago) and gives reliable insights to which stocks investors want.

Sensitivity is a measurement of the Bear Mkt Factor and the Bad News Factor against the world reference.

aurora popups design

Add your favorite assets to watchlist

Organize your favorite stocks and funds into multiple watchlists to stay on track with all critical updates

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Compare stocks and funds

Found stocks and funds you’re interested in? Compare them side by side and never miss a single movement that can influence your investment decision.

stock page design Aurora

Inclusive design

In this fintech UX design, all data is accessible
to people with visual impairments.

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The Aurora is in high demand in the Hebrew-speaking market; that’s why we made it right-to-left friendly and intuitive.

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Aurora web design project
multilanguage popup design
multilanguage web design Aurora

Mobile-first Design Approach

aurora tablet design

AURORA changes the game rules
in the investment world

Friendly to independent investors, the
investment game will never be the same again.

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