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Brand Identity for Software Engineering Provider

Brand that Communicates

Temy is a software development company that currently employs about 70 people in two offices working in smaller teams. New name and branding are aimed to build a quality communication between clients, management and employees, to talk about company’s approach and the value they bring.

Temy - temy-logo - Qubstudio

The Name

The name Temy is a variation of ‚teamy‘ - the word describing a bond connection and common aim.


Temy is a technology company. Its most valuable commodities are common knowledge and experience. Temy is creating technology community, and growing engineer culture where experts team up to develop meaningful digital products and leverage technologies. Temy stands for team spirit, that consists of personal growth combined with friendly atmosphere, where any help is always nearby. As little stress as possible, more fun and healthy communication. To illustrate constantly upgrading knowledge we focused on abstract shapes and patterns.

Temy - temy-img2 - Qubstudio

Meaningful Style

Three core elements that form the style represent fundamental concepts in Temy’s culture. Those three are used in patterns and visual materials; each represents its respective context.

  • Temy - temy-element1 - Qubstudio
  • Temy - temy-element2 - Qubstudio
  • Temy - temy-element3 - Qubstudio

Logo Design

Logo is based on letter T, composed with ‚idea‘ element and ‚1‘ on its left.

  • Temy - temy-color1 - Qubstudio
  • Temy - temy-color2 - Qubstudio
  • Temy - temy-color3 - Qubstudio
  • Temy - temy-color4 - Qubstudio


A modern sans-serif with a wide number of glyphs and ligatures to provide a true visual pleasure while being comfortable to read and consisting of huge number of weights plus italics and alternates.

Tone of Voice

Temy aims to speak as a single person. It uses smart yet friendly voice for translating core values, later implemented in a special set of slogan stickers

Stay friendly,
yet professional
Temy - temy-img3 - Qubstudio

Animated backgrounds

Magic patterns don’t just stay still, they also magically move!


Since Temy routine communication relies on Google services, we created templates for communication materials for various cases in Google Slides. Thus the style becomes even closer to employees allowing them to implement it into their everyday activities.

Temy - temy-implementation - Qubstudio

Project summary

Brand Identity Design
Logo Design
Tone of Voice
2 months
Project Manager
Art Director
Graphic Designer
Ukraine, Lviv