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Making artificial intelligence your secretary
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CallHero is the first ever digital secretary designed to help people effectively filter incoming calls. It answers calls from unknown numbers, asks about the call purpose, recognizes keywords, and blocks advertising. We've helped CallHero to detect usability issues and completely renewed the application interface design.

Better onboarding

Thanks to the analysis of user behavior and application functionalities, we've developed a renewed onboarding flow. Now the onboarding process consists of a few simple steps, that help set up the application and start using it quickly and easily.

The bounce rate has decreased by


Seamless experience

We've revamped the interface design and fixed the usability issues. We've also created the design language, added interactions and cute illustrations, so that the user experience is modern and seamless.



App rating

Callhero - callhero-star - Qubstudio4.7
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"Onboarding included more than 20 screens, so our main task was to optimize it. We've lowered the Bounce Rate and created a friendly "humane" interface to make users trust CallHero with their calls."

Joanna Kuzik - Lead UI/UX Designer at Qubstudio

Joanna Kuzik

Lead UI/UX Designer at Qubstudio

UX review
Mobile App Redesign
Business Analyst
Lead UX Designer
3 months