SaaS Platform Redesign Case Study

About the Client

Eplexity is a hybrid cloud management and consulting platform, offering our clients services in areas like hybrid cloud Management, cloud architecture services, cloud managed services and more.

Eplexity’s cloud management platform offers a 1-click capability to deploy servers, storage, network components and applications across a variety of public and private infrastructure options (VMWare, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Nutanix and more).

About the Project

As a cloud service provider, Eplexity understands the necessity of being on a roll and supplying their clients with a simple resolution for complicated tasks. The previous service design was out of date and way behind competitors, who offered intuitive and consistent design to their customers.

Through a series of workshops and UX review process, we analyzed pain points of the current platform design. After that, our team suggested clean and intuitive design to present Eplexity cloud services and solutions.

SaaS UX Design

Making the design for cloud management platform we focused on making a clean and and fresh design, making navigation, infrastructure setup, and other features easily accessible by users of any level of technical expertise.


ux designing for the cloud



UX design for Cloud management platform


In the process of making UX/UI design for cloud platform by Eplexity we collaborated with their backend developers to make sure all the parts work together seamlessly.



2 months


Project Manager
Business Analyst
UX Designer
UI Designer



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