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Fishka is a national loyalty program that allows more than four million participants to collect points and receive rewards for everyday purchases.

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When the client came to invite us as a website design agency, they only had an outdated public website, covering basic questions about the program. With the help of our UX redesign services, we made it handy for both the company team and millions of working-class users.

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Website UX Redesign

We divided future website redesign services into two main parts according to users and their goals. Public website to attract new participants. Internal part — user account — the user profile page was designed from scratch.

Regarding the web UI design, we followed and extended brand new corporate identity, designed for Fishka by Banda agency.

Cool, as we already had a set UI and UX redesign process tailored for such cases.

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Sign up Flow

Even a 1% increase in the drop off rates is significant on a multimillion product. Our goal as a UX design agency was to gain maximum successful sign-up percentage. While getting the user info is still important to create personalized notifications.

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Personalized Experience

With the mobile-first design approach, users can track all transactions and rewards effortlessly. Users can set personalized notifications for special offers on things of everyday use.

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Project summary

Wireframes & Prototyping
Web App Design
Marketing Website Design
Design Supervision


12 months


Project Manager
Lead UX Designer
UX/UI designer