The Challenge

Fishka is a national loyalty program which allows more than 4 mln participants to collect points and receive rewards for everyday purchases, including supermarkets, gas stations, cafes, as well as Uber, and some other partner services.

When the client came to us to discuss website redesign, the only had outdated public website, covering basic questions about the program. We wanted to turn in into useful everyday tool for both company team and millions of users.

The Solution

We divided future website into 2 main parts according to users and their goals. Public website, which already existed should have included general information about the program with focus on benefits and rewards to draw new participants. Internal part — user account — was supposed to be created from scratch, giving opportunities to access and manage user details online.

Regarding UI part, we followed and extended brand new corporate identity, designed for Fishka by Banda agency.

Public Website

Main page

Other pages

Charity page
Spent bonuses page
Partner details page

Sign up flow

User account

My expenses page
My cards page

Responsive design



12 months


Project Manager
Lead UX Designer
UX/UI designer



Registrations online


Website visits


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