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Building a mobile business ecosystem for major Swiss telecommunication expert
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Project summary

Product Strategy and
Road Mapping
Market & User Research
UX/UI Design
Design System and Documentation
12 months,
Product Designer
Business Analyst
Project Manager
Client Partner

Model of cooperation
Dedicated Team
Zurich, Switzerland
Telecom & IT

Auratel is a major telecommunications expert in Switzerland that helps organizations source, store, and manage Telecom products with subscription plans, devices, and other related services.

We designed FleetCtrl — a Web Portal for businesses, partners, and clients that digitalizes, automates, and simplifies inventory management workflows. We have been working with partners as a team for over a year, during which time we built an existing business case into an ecosystem.

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We have been building a new product with a design-driven approach to define requirements, build better-informed technology solutions, and increase the processes' maturity levels.

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The collaborative team used an agile phase-based approach, worked in design sprints, and exercised flexibility.

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We covered our design solutions with supporting documentation, which serves as a manual both for the customer and the development team.

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Initially, our team designed Web Portals for all User roles that serve as a single workspace and substituted multiple legacy systems. We then explored a new monetization strategy for acquiring service providers as partners. Ultimately, the ecosystem of digital products gave our client a significant competitive advantage in the Telecom market.

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The designs are clear and very helpful for our dev. team. The documentation provided is very detailed and has covered the processes in full.

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Leila Tatour

Head of Technology, Auratel AG

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