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Lviv IT Research Design (2015)


About the project

Lviv IT Research is the first extensive research of local ІТ market, performed by Lviv IT cluster. Among the advantages of the report are accuracy and representativeness of the results and utilization of complementary data collection methods. The purpose of the project is to analyze in detail the IT market of Lviv, it’s volume and potential.

Qubstudio’s goal was to structure, systematize and present all this sophisticated and diversified data in a simple visual way.


About the client

Lviv IT Cluster is a community of leading information technology companies, which together with universities and local authorities improve and develop IT in the city and the county.
The main goal of the organization is an implementation of projects that help to develop the IT industry and promote the image of the city as the city with favorable business development conditions, career development and life conditions is the most important task for the Cluster team. Our projects aim at socially important industries – education, law, infrastructure, promotion.





Design layout of more than 100 pages