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The Latest Case Study

The Challenge

Back in 2011, Idalko started out as a company providing support to users of various Atlassian tools. It was a great decision, as Atlassian software was becoming increasingly popular over the years.

Six years later the team reached us to bring new life to existing corporate identity and digital presence. On the other hand, we were aimed to keep an eye on original concept to save it recognizability.

The Solution

All Idalko products, being complete and self-consistent, also come from one platform. Therefore we created ecosystem of brands with a possibility to add more in the future. The simplicity yet necessity of solutions provided by the Idalko found its reflection in the brand new design.
We connected all the dots and came out with a compromise between innovative design and well-known fundamentals of certified Atlassian Platinum partners.

Creative Process


What does a frog stand for?
Idalko tools help people to install Agile methodology into their professional life smoothly and naturally. So it's not a coincidence that company has chosen a frog for their logo. Jump from one iteration to the next one and keep your productivity on the highest level.


Don't eat that frog, just draw it in the right way :) We worked on the several drifts so to generate the proper bond between the brand, and its agile-friendly products.

Final Design

Our focus was to showcase connection between tools from Idalko, at the same time defining the advantage of every single one. As a result, customers can easily identify appliance to an essential brand, at the same time it’s easy to remember each tool in particular.

Main Brand Logo

Simple and straightforward logo is worth more than hundreds of marketing campaigns, and keeps you much closer to your user. Especially if your target audience is top-notch companies all over the world.

Products Brands Logo

Clear geometrical forms hold an extended potential as it appeals to our logical and analytical thinking. Still, there is a place for creativity.

Brands Color Palette

We chose bright, bold colors to underscore the professional purpose of Idalko as well as emphasize its system privileges in comparison to one-side products.

Corporate souvenirs and Banners

Easy way to make your brand go viral. Not only your today's customers are the ones, who follow you.

Work hard, play harder!

So your brand can go further than just assisting. Share your culture with others, and you become a part of their everyday life!

Project summary


3 months


2 Graphic Designers


Berchem, Belgium