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Kult Hliba

Brand Identity for a Bakery Brand

Develop a Brand in a Crowded Niche

Kult Khliba is a team of enthusiasts who created their own business – a craft bakery. They started in an overcrowded niche with a firm believing that even simple things from our everyday life can be made with passion and imagination.

Limiting themselves to traditional approaches is not the case for Kult Hliba. They aim to make bread using innovative technologies and standards, with various recipes embracing cookery from all over the world. Therefore, we have a tasty branding example here.

The Solution

We were happy to collaborate on brand identity development together with founders of Kult Hliba. The main idea was to step aside from the traditional bread concept. Due to a high level of competition, we decided to create brand identity that’s unique and distinct to get the users’ attention and recognition.

Qubstudio underlined exclusiveness of products with a full cycle graphic design in order to put an accent on the reliability and high quality standards of a new business, its focus on clients needs and health. To design brand identity inside the crowded niche we created a synergy between traditions and innovations.

Creative process

As usual, we started with several
options in order to split out all the ideas and visions
inside of the concept and find the best combination of branding design services.
When it comes to professional branding solutions, no matter what is the recipe:
creativity is your secret ingredient.

Final design

Simple geometrical forms are representing the steadfast standards of quality. On the other hand wheat ears is the way to keep an accent on natural and organic nature of the products. All together it creates a brand spirit and image of the place where you become a part of the family. Do it like you're going to share it with your closest ones – this is the main tradition in Kult Khliba.

Advertising Booklet

One does not simply bake bread. Especially if dozens of other people did it before you. So what's so special?

Well, there's a bit of magic in everything, and our mission is to discover it. Qubstudio created a booklets you can literally smell the cheesecake through.

Design in real life

Staff outfits

Kult Hliba is a brand that cares about clients. Nothing is hidden, and visitors can watch the full process of product preparation. This is why branded outfits are also important. Moreover, it's the way to underline a family spirit inside of the bakery.

Business cards

Looks like a bread Universe, hah? And somehow it is. With such a universal design we drop a hint on the large selection of recipes from all over the world, gathered and improved to make your everyday life tastier and healthier.



2 months


2 Graphic Designers


Ukraine, Lviv