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The Challenge

Lokal is a loyalty program, uniting millions of clients of Ukrainian restaurants and coffee shops.
Currently the program represents over 30 restaurants from different cities and it’s growing every day. Now they are focused on being even closer to their old clients and building a trustful relationship with new ones.

The loyalty system was created to simplify this task. It gives clients a possibility to gain bonuses by visiting their favorite places and after — spent it as a discount.
Our challenge was to rethink traditional loyalty systems approach, eliminate old school cards, improve messy scoring system and introduce efficient digital approach to improve customer experience.

The Solution

The mobile application for loyalty program will help users to be on track with the favorite places. It’s an easy way to receive all news and updates about recently opened restaurants, holiday discounts, etc.

And the most important thing: with an app, you now don’t need to bring your Lokal card with you to gather and spend your coupons. Everything is on your phone! This is a simple yet effective way to be closer to your users and show them more privileges of being a part of the big community.
The application is also a great marketing tool for business. Since now, an advertisement becomes less time and money consuming, and better targeted at the same time.

Discovery and Ideation

We started our work with product discovery and workshops. The investigation helped us to understand who is a target audience of the app and what are their needs.
Core audience includes young people, who like to spend time in a big companies at Lokal places. Aslo, Lokal chain is very popular among the tourists so the app should satisfy them with a fast and easy process of decision making.

How it works?

With a barcode scanner, you are now able to easily track, gain and send your coupons even without taking your card with you. Each of your recipes includes a barcode, and you can scan it with the Lokal app. So you don’t need any other installation to be done. Spend more time with friends, not with bills.


Qubstudio provided several concepts to cover all possible ways of app representing within existing corporate identity. The main two versions of UI aimed to underline the brand distinction as well as a modern vision of its customer care and interaction with the clients.
loyalty app ui loyalty app design

Final concept

loyalty program app design

UI screens and elements

loyalty app ux/ui



The loyalty program application for Lokal was made with precise attention to existing concept. During UX stage we observed users behavior to build a logical flow that real customers will be easy to interact with. Regarding UI our focus was on merging recognizable service with an innovative and consistent design. It's easy to underestimate the importance of usability, but the results speak for itself: the story on a comprehensive user interface is impossible without thought-out UX design.


2 months


Project Manager
Lead Designer
UX/UI Designer


Ukraine, Lviv



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