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Recent Case Study


It’s always inspiring to cooperate with new-age Ukrainian business which is now becoming more powerful day by day and finally gains on among the international market. Meblevyy Park is a furniture manufacturing company that mainly focused on building a suitable ecosystem for their clients: furniture designers and architectors. As a completely new segment on the Ukrainian market, they were looking for ways to gain their niche and build a trustful relationship with their audience.


What is the most important for any startup that just developed its own niche - is to keep your authority and expand your influence outside it. Qubstudio team was involved in the brand identity creation process for Meblevyy Park, and our mission was to empower the innovative approach of the team with visual representation. Therefore the brand vision created by our graphic team is aimed to underscore completely new client experience provided by Meblevyy Park.

Creative Process

The most inspiring part of our recent cooperation with Meblevyy Park upon their corporate identity was to build their brand vision entirely from scratch. Although, it was also the most challenging part as we were trying to foresee all further communication between the company and its customers, brand character and behavior.

During the discovery phase, we’ve conducted several workshops together with Meblevyy Park in order to build a typical portrait of users and brainstorm both rational and emotional triggers that affect the decision-making process. The well-established target audience is what always stands behind the positive brand perception and what users would usually call “nice logo”).

Final Design

The brand should speak to the clients with the language they understand. The distinct naming was created together with company strategy. Meblevyy Park is not only the place where you can order materials or furniture — it’s also a place where you can meet with clients to discuss your project, get expert consultation and make the right choice. It's a comfortable way to make your business successful.

Integrating element

Yellow frame serves as the main visual differentiator across all communication channels. It’s laconic geometric shape is inspired by the way the actual furniture is constructed: modern, stable, modular.


Unique vivid pattern is created using logo letters elements, and can be used for digital and offline communications, branded merchandise, expositions and more.

Branded items

Visual elements can be easily used to create any branded items, including promotional merchandise, stuff clothes and more: basically, it’s a mix & match principle.



3 months


Project Manager
Art Director
Graphic Designer


Ukraine, Lviv